Yasse Arafat Poisoned with Polonium?

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So trace ammounts of Polonium have been found on Arafat's belongings. They are pushing to exhume his body. Wild stuff.





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Leader of a Terrorist Group

Leader of a Terrorist Group Killed.....  Shocking.   Do you think they suspect Israel?  Durrrrr… 


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Couldn't happened to a better

Couldn't happened to a better guy. 

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I just find it interesting

I just find it interesting that Pulonium-210 was used. Russia always claimed that Litvinyenko was poisoned by Russian-Israeli oil billionare and all all around nice-guy philanthropist Leonid Nevzlin.


Could it be that the same organization that assassinated Litvinyenko also killed Arafat?

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WELLLLLLLLL........ polonium


polonium is also a trace element that smokers in the middle east have all over them.  The fertilizer used for the tobacco is full of phosphates and the resulting residuals are americium, caesium and polonium....   they only WISH he was assasinated so they can blame Israel....

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The Swiss science lab ruled

The Swiss science lab ruled out the ambient polonium. The exhumation and examination of the bones settles the  issue completely.

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