Citizens United and real truth

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With the way the supreme court has works for several decades, I don't believe we will be able to overturn Citizens United. That being said, why don't we work toward enforcing the "truth in advertising" laws to political ads?  Get the lies and half truth off the airwaves that misinform the less informed people of this great nation.  It would also help if all the ads came with the disclaimer that they support one party or the other or one candidate or the other.  That too would help to inform people as to just what the ad is really saying and why.  Something like:  "This ad was paid for by XXX in support of party/candidate XXX.  The candidate/party has not approved this ad, in part or whole."


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Caveats are half of any

Caveats are half of any pharmaceutical ad, by 'law'.

Political ads should have the same requirements:

"Collateral damage from a vote for Romney may cause social darwinisms, cancer from further deregulation of environmental laws, fascism, death, and violations of your human rights,"


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"Red meat and dogwhistles do

"Red meat and dogwhistles do not always pacify wild dogs, if after savaging lynched, charred, corpse they turn to you or your friends, notify your local fox wwf station immediately, if you or your spouse experience an erection seek a correctional facility"