Do Republicans really believe they can win on the issues??? #DelusionalGOP

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Republicans really have gone off the deep end if they think they can win on the issues. They lost on the issues a long long time ago. They lost the argument. Hence the reason why they've had to resort all these years to voter-purging, voter-suppression, race-bating, xenophobia, fear-mongering, abortion and gay-hate to get elected. Now they want the election to turn on whether or not to change Medicare into a voucher system??? Lol! I wonder who'll win that debate.


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The Medicare voucher is

The Medicare voucher is ridiculous. 

It first requires the over 57 set to believe Paul Ryan that they are going to turn Medicare into a voucher program only for the younger set. Ryan will protect the older people, but the vouchers are better for freedom for younger Americans. But somehow the older group is unworthy of the same freedom.

Second, it requires the younger crowd to accept paying higher taxes for an entitlement they will never receive.

And going to the bigger issue, the Ryan budget while horribly cruel to the poor and seniors, still never manages to reach balance for 30 years! I mean, if we are going to throw 30% of America into the trashbin, it ought to at least be profitable.

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What baffles me is why the

What baffles me is why the election is so close.  Who out there would be truly excited for a Romney presidency?  Be honest.