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Where's Thom? This is the third week he has been off. I have been a listener for quite a few years and he pretty much always tells the listeners where he is or why he is not going to be on the air. Why all the secrecy now?


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Really hope he and the family

Really hope he and the family are OK.  Simply the best in radio and we need him at this critical time

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lbuttrill wrote:Really hope

lbuttrill wrote:
Really hope he and the family are OK.  Simply the best in radio and we need him at this critical time


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I agree, johnnybgoode, this

I agree, johnnybgoode, this is at best a mystery, at worst, a horrible blow to progressives.  I'm with the latter: for years, Thom Hartmann has been my talisman for achieving insight and understanding into this country's political maze.  His voice literally comforts me because I trust him.  He's real. 

Since I've been a listener, he has never been absent for such a long time.  I don't know if it's illness -- his, Louises? -- or intentional, time needed to finish a book.  I've been hoping for the latter, but, alas, everyone seems to be talking about illness.  Oh I hope not.  Two such valuable people, we need you both. 

Please let us know, Thom and Louise.  We love you and respect you to the highest and will honor your wishes.  But please don't leave us hanging. 

With love, best wishes, and prayers for both your well being. 



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My *guess* (I have no

My *guess* (I have no knowledge of this)  is the worst possible thing, that it's his wife's illness and he needs to be with her right now. Such a personal thing would not be something he'd discuss.

My best wishes and prayers for both of them and I hope his wife recovers quickly, if that is the situation.


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The last day he was on the

The last day he was on the air (July 30) he said he would be back tomorrow & have the guest list for the next day. Then the next day the guest host said he was glad to fill in on late notice. That leads me to believe something came up suddenly, which is scary! On Friday (Aug 10) the guest host said Thom would be back on Monday, but come yesterday there was another fill-in & he said he will be filling in again today. This leads me to believe he was planning on coming back & something else happened? I don't like all the speculation, but I know all the listeners would like to know what's going on. If nothing else, for support.

Perhaps the speculators can

Perhaps the speculators can respect Thom's privacy and stop the rumor mill?

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Surgery complications.....

Surgery complications..... that's what Karl Frisch said today (Tues, Aug 12) and Thom will be back in a week or so.  Didn't seem to be anything to get really excited about.... good news.

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  The guest host just told us


The guest host just told us (today, Tuesday Aug 14) that Thom is recuperating from abdominal surgery.  Something did not go as planned and it took longer to recuperate.  He should be back soon.  Thom, get well soon.

Knowing is always better than not knowing. 

Wishing Thom a speedy

Wishing Thom a speedy recovery. I may not always agree with Thom. Ok, I rarely agree with Thom, but I enjoy the show and respect his opinion and intelligence.


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I wish Thom a quick recovery

I wish Thom a quick recovery to great health, and a quick return back to work when he is ready!

I appreciate both Paleo's

I appreciate both Paleo's wish for privacy and the congregation's desire to "be there" for Thom when he needs us.  If we could relax the conspiracy and apocalypse levels and recognize that there are many possible reasons for him to be absent and even better reasons for discretion instead of an avalanche of press officer deflection and response to our curiosity, we could be ready to be there when and if it matters.

The grapevine says it is a bump in the road.   No surgery is "minor," but some takes longer to get over. Try to rest and be patient, Thom.  It is a stretch, but that is not what we fear you will stretch if you do too much too soon.

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I'm glad to have found this

I'm glad to have found this discussion. I was getting worried about Thom and/or Louise.

Wishing you both good health from now on, Thom and Louise!

Looking forward to having Thom back on the show! (By the way, my favorite substitute show host so far has been Mike Pappantonio.)

Linda - a long-time listener in Atlanta

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Something came up the day

Something came up the day before his planned vacation, not sure what, which is probably why he did not make the announcement before his break. As for the rest, http://www.thomhartmann.com/articles/2012/08/thom-will-return-soon

Ken Duerksen
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Best wishes

Best wishes

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Thom, Welcome back!!


Welcome back!!

He plays at a wierd time in

He plays at a wierd time in my area now and I rarely get to listen.  Did he ever explain his absence on air?