FBI and Secret Service taking away Peoples Rights!

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This former Marine was arrested for his Facebook Post! Heres an interview with his Mother!!  https://www.facebook.com/ajax/sharer/?s=99&appid=2309869772&p%5B0%5D=205204719564332&p%5B1%5D=403627636365295


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Do you want bigger or smaller

Do you want bigger or smaller government?  You get to choose in November.

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Did the Marine committ a

Did the Marine committ a crime under federal, or state laws, or the military code of justice?

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Pardon me, but after eight

Pardon me, but after eight years of near Marshall Law under Bush, y'all were waving yer flags and keeping your powder dry.

Now you complain? What did you think the Patriot "Act" said?

What do you think Joe Arpaio and his ilk took that to mean?

Now add Nixon's drug war spies, and all the retired spies, moonlighting, and everyone on parole looking for a better deal for themselves.

It's been 13 years of the worst spying this country ever endured, like a Stasi Underground of Manchurian Patriots. 

But now it's Obama's fault?