Koch Brothers Bought Ryan’s Nomination With $100 Million Promise

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Apparently, the deal was made at a Koch fundraiser for Romney on July 22.

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Aug. 18, 2012 10:06 pm


"Ye shall know the truth,
And the truth shall make you angry."
~ Aldous Huxley

Koch Roaches A.L.E.C. Drug Detention Centers

Kochroach & Aleech
Today many have had their eyes opened regarding the huge profits made off of what is commonly called the "Prison Industrial Complex." Suddenly awareness has turned from disbelief to anger as taxpayers realize the screwing private prison companies, their lobbyists and elected Legislators have been giving them for more than three decades now.

Potential Prohibition Profits Outweigh Citizens Benefits

Prohibition Profiteers

ALEC: May 16
The Voice of Corporate Special Interests In State Legislatures
PFAW's latest Right Wing Watch In Focus looks at the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing policy group that funnels pro-corporate legislation to the states at the expense of citizens whose rights and interests are sold off to the highest bidder. Read more

Millions of Americans were disappointed last year when a Senate filibuster killed the DISCLOSE Act and allowed corporations and other special interests to pour hundreds of millions of dollars in secret money into our elections.

Now President Obama, who supported DISCLOSE (the Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections Act), can bring it back to life. An executive order awaiting his signature would force federal government contractors, a particularly important group of political donors, to reveal their spending. The US Chamber of Commerce, which funneled $32 million in secret money into the 2010 elections, is trying to stop him.

Tell the President to stand strong for disclosure and transparency in politics. Sign Common Cause's petition supporting the disclosure order. Government contractors work for all of us. When they spend part of their earnings trying to influence our elections, we should know about it. Please sign the petition today.

Tell state legislators:
Pass the California DISCLOSE Act.
With over one billion dollars in anonymous and deceptive ads from Super PACS swamping the airwaves this year thanks to Citizens United, and a majority in Congress that's stopping any reform, someone has to step up and start turning the tide. continued

Good Fascists and Bad Fascists

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

this tweet appeared on 8/11/12 after the announcement of Ryan as VP candidate :

RT : Industries announced their pick of CEO & CFO for merger w/ US Gov Inc.

Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

More on this story :

{ this first item was included in the National Memo article as an outside link, and is what the article was based on }

THE PAUL RYAN SELCTION The Koch Brothers Get Their Man


Mitt being paid to put Ryan on the Ticket has Great Explanatory Power


GOP Consultant: Koch Brothers Bought Ryan’s Nomination With $100 Million Promise


Serious Allegation: Koch Brothers Bought Ryan’s Nomination for $100 Million.



{ this item was included in the National Memo article as an outside link }

Selfishness As Virtue: The Narcissistic Politics Of Paul Ryan


Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

Of course "they" bought this nomination. They have made the latest plaster cast for the Ken Doll too, and installed the talking points chip in him. Ryan is just their better version of the Puppet, the one that nobody calls "almost lifelike." Damn, he really is human, just a sociopath who can really act and speak as if you ought to believe him, unlike Romney who just says what he is supposed to say, and only those who want to believe have to believe him.

Apr. 26, 2012 12:15 pm

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