the Koch brothers have a new target – and it’s not a Democratic politician

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Actor Zach Galifianakis – the co-star of the upcoming movie The Campaign, which is about a pair of wealthy political donors named the Motch Brothers who bankroll a political campaign for buffoon – drew the ire of the Kochs when he said in a recent New York Daily News interview about the film, “Whether you are on the right or the left, everyone can agree that there are a lot of outside influences in American politics that are not good for the system. There’s just too much money.”

Koch spokesperson Phillip Ellender responded to the comments by saying, “it's laughable to take political guidance or moral instruction from a guy who makes obscene gestures with a monkey on a bus in Bangkok."  Ellender was of course referring to Galifianakis’s role in the Hangover 2 movie.  Then again, I’d rather take political advice from a movie actor who cavorts with monkeys – than a billionaire duo that doesn’t believe in climate change.  Just sayin’.


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I thank God that some people

I thank God that some people in Hollywood are doing the right thing.

The Kochs seem to be a little

The Kochs seem to be a little sensitive. Billions doesn't buy security?

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Koch Brothers Flying Monkey

Koch Brothers Flying Monkey Right Circus:

David Koch's Poodle:


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Another one coming at

Another one coming at us.


A better option

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DynoDon wrote:The Kochs seem

DynoDon wrote:
The Kochs seem to be a little sensitive. Billions doesn't buy security?

Power. Power is more important to them than air to breathe. Clearly.