Media Cover up of GOP's Role in Giffords Shooting


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Quote:The aim of modern

The aim of modern propaganda is no longer to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It is no longer to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It is no longer to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes.( Ellul, Jacques.Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Trans. Konrad Kellen and Jean Lerner. New York: Knopf, 1966. 25-26.)

Stochastic terrorism (from the Greek στόχος for aim or guess) is the use of mass communications to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.

This is what occurs when Bin Laden releases a video that stirs random extremists halfway around the globe to commit a bombing or shooting.

This is also the term for what Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, and others do.  And this is what led directly and predictably to a number of cases of ideologically-motivated murder similar to the Tucson shootings.

Terror in Arizona: Just another 'isolated incident'? Funny how that list keeps mounting

-- July 2008A gunman named Jim David Adkisson, agitated at how "liberals" are "destroying America," walks into a Unitarian Church and opens fire, killing two churchgoers and wounding four others.

-- October 2008Two neo-Nazis are arrested in Tennessee in a plot to murder dozens of African-Americans, culminating in the assassination of President Obama.

-- December 2008: A pair of "Patriot" movement radicals -- the father-son team of Bruce and Joshua Turnidge, who wanted "to attack the political infrastructure" -- threaten a bank in Woodburn, Oregon, with a bomb in the hopes of extorting money that would end their financial difficulties, for which they blamed the government. Instead, the bomb goes off and kills two police officers. The men eventually are convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.

-- December 2008In Belfast, Maine, police discover the makings of a nuclear "dirty bomb" in the basement of a white supremacist shot dead by his wife. The man, who was independently wealthy, reportedly was agitated about the election of President Obama and was crafting a plan to set off the bomb.

-- January 2009A white supremacist named Keith Luke embarks on a killing rampage in Brockton, Mass., raping and wounding a black woman and killing her sister, then killing a homeless man before being captured by police as he is en route to a Jewish community center.

-- February 2009: A Marine named Kody Brittingham is arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate President Obama. Brittingham also collected white-supremacist material.

-- April 2009A white supremacist named Richard Poplawski opens fire on three Pittsburgh police officers who come to his house on a domestic-violence call and kills all three, because he believed President Obama intended to take away the guns of white citizens like himself. Poplawski is currently awaiting trial.

-- April 2009Another gunman in Okaloosa County, Florida, similarly fearful of Obama's purported gun-grabbing plans, kills two deputies when they come to arrest him in a domestic-violence matter, then is killed himself in a shootout with police.

-- May 2009A "sovereign citizen" named Scott Roeder walks into a church in Wichita, Kansas, and assassinates abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

-- June 2009: A Holocaust denier and right-wing tax protester named James Von Brunn opens fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a security guard.

-- February 2010An angry tax protester named Joseph Ray Stack flies an airplane into the building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas. (Media are reluctant to label this one "domestic terrorism" too.)

-- March 2010Seven militiamen from the Hutaree Militia in Michigan and Ohio are arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate local police officers with the intent of sparking a new civil war.

-- March 2010An anti-government extremist named John Patrick Bedell walks into the Pentagon and opens fire, wounding two officers before he is himself shot dead.

-- May 2010A "sovereign citizen" from Georgia is arrested in Tennessee and charged with plotting the violent takeover of a local county courthouse.

-- May 2010A still-unidentified white man walks into a Jacksonville, Fla., mosque and sets it afire, simultaneously setting off a pipe bomb.

-- May 2010Two "sovereign citizens" named Jerry and Joe Kane gun down two police officers who pull them over for a traffic violation, and then wound two more officers in a shootout in which both of them are eventually killed.

-- July 2010An agitated right-winger and convict named Byron Williams loads up on weapons and drives to the Bay Area intent on attacking the offices of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, but is intercepted by state patrolmen and engages them in a shootout and armed standoff in which two officers and Williams are wounded.

-- September 2010: A Concord, N.C., man is arrested and charged with plotting to blow up a North Carolina abortion clinic. The man, 26-year--old Justin Carl Moose, referred to himself as the "Christian counterpart to (Osama) bin Laden” in a taped undercover meeting with a federal informant.

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And how many of these crazies

And how many of these crazies were identified to law enforcement?

All of them.

Which ones slipped away from their handlers during the 'sting' that was running them until the 'big arrest day' for the news?

The ones that actually shot someone, most likely.

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Very good thread,i use the

Very good thread,i use the term "1% mafia" these people are criminals,using GOP,the criminals hide behind politics. I would start calling FOX tv ,"Hate tv or Rwanda tv or 1% tv ", anything to show them for what they is. Go to the root of a problem to solve it,people do the wrong thing with the wrong info. Who control the info? The "1%"! We progressives don`t call them out,we're part of the problem. The 1% is puting fear in us,we need to hit them in the "pocket"!(we own them after the bailout)

Radical Islamic ideology

Radical Islamic ideology binds together the vast majority of home-grown terrorists today, including the following most prominent examples:

(1) Jose Padilla (the Brooklyn-born Islamic radical suspected of planning a “dirty” bomb attack),

(2) Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (the Muslim convert who shot and killed Army recruiter William Long in Little Rock, Ark.),

(3) Nidal Hasan (the Virginia-born military psychiatrist who massacred thirteen soldiers at Fort Hood),

(4) Faisal Shahzad (the naturalized Pakistan-American citizen who planted a car bomb in Times Square),

(5) the Lackawanna Six (men of Yemeni descent who grew up in Buffalo and pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism after attending an al Qaeda camp), and

(6) Mohamed Mohamud (the Somali-American youth accused of plotting to detonate a van full of explosives outside a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon on the day after Thanksgiving);_ylu=X3oDMTE2MmRma2J2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTAEY29sbwNzazEEdnRpZANWSVAwNDlfMTU0/SIG=13st1alre/EXP=1344463440/**http%3a//

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 Right wing loons documented

 Right wing loons documented and mapped show what appears to be the highest concentration in GA.

Concentration means quantity to population ratio. Vermont has 1, and thus has the lowest by both total and concentration.

TX and CA have huge numbers, too. WY has 2, so it might actually have a higher concentration since not a whole lot of people live there besides Yogi Bear and Cheney. Cheney's family might be the members of the loon groups. They would vote for Cheney, and Alan Simpson. Maybe WY has a turf war between the 2. Some recently plugged Old Faithfull because being a National Park, and national means government it must be bad, so vandalize it. 

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Quote: Intelligence Report,


Intelligence Report, Summer 2012, Issue Number:  146 Hate in the MainstreamQuotes From the Right

“May his children be orphans and his wife a widow.”
—An E-mail about President Obama, forwarded to colleagues by Kansas House Speaker MIKE O’NEAL (R), which he claimed in a Jan. 5 statement did not call for Obama’s death

“Should society avoid disapproving of pedophilia, prostitution, murder, etc., because practitioners of those behaviors may commit suicide at higher rates?”
—South Carolina State Rep. JOHN RAGAN (R), in a Jan. 21 letter about a proposed law on anti-gay bullying, likening homosexuality to serious crimes

“Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community — it was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men.”
—Tennessee State Sen. STACEY CAMPFIELD (R), making a set of false claims to the Huffington Post on Jan. 26 that also included the assertion that it’s “virtually impossible” for AIDS to be transmitted via heterosexual contact

“If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him.”
—CNN political analyst ROLAND MARTIN, tweeting on Feb. 6 about a Super Bowl commercial featuring the soccer star and using a slang word for girlish

“Catholics write letters and Muslims stab you with letter openers.”
—Fox News personality GREG GUTFELD, speaking on Fox on Feb. 27

“So, Miss Fluke, and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal. … [I]f we are going to pay for your contraceptives — and thus pay for you to have sex — we want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”
—Radio personality RUSH LIMBAUGH, in Feb. 29 remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke’s testimony to a panel of Congressional Democrats

“Carjackers are not called ‘underrated drivers.’ Bank robbers are not called ‘people who make unauthorized withdrawals.’ Illegal aliens should not be called ‘undocumented immigrants.’”
—IAN NICHOLS, an Iowa State University newspaper writer, comparing unauthorized immigrants to violent criminals in a Feb. 29 editorial

“[W]hen the race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and race hustler-in-chief Barack Obama started exploiting the incident, I began to think we were being conned, once again, by the vicious, biased, America-hating, leftist-controlled press.”
—WorldNetDaily publisher JOSEPH FARAH, in a March 25 editorial dismissing anger over the controversial killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida

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Hate in the Mainstream

Hate in the Mainstream (new)

"I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good...Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism."
--Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue,
The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 8-16-93

Michele Bubble Head Sikh temple killing Instigator

"We're going to bring back God and the Bible and drive the gods of secular humanism right out of the public schools of America."
--Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan
addressing the anti-gay rally in Des Moines, 2-11-96

Limbaugh partly or fully responsible for the Colorado Shootings?

"Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . we need believing people."
Adolf Hitler,
April 26, 1933,
from a speech made during negotiations
leading to the Nazi Vatican Concordant of 1933

Should Palin/Beck Be Indicted for Giffords Shooting"

"A violently active, intrepid, brutal youth that is what I am after...
I will have no intellectual training.
Knowledge is ruin for my young men."
Adolf Hitler quoted by John Gunther "The Nation"

Lou Dobbs

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."
From Benito Mussolini,
"London Sunday Express," December 8, 1935

Victims of Teabog rhetoric?
* Mother Jones interview with one of gunman’s friends
* Should Sarah Palin Be Indicted for Incitement to Violence?

Despite the longevity and the

Despite the longevity and the hate campaign against Islam, we find a very few disorganized and apparently incompetent terrorists within our borders, unless they are domestic.

Brookesmith, you ought to be ashamed of the ignorance behind your opinions.  I think there are at least as many violent-justifying right-wing Xtians as there are al Qaeda, etc.  

Your list is pathetic, and shows "lone nuts" not any organized Islamic conspiracy.  When we are drone killing Islamic kids as collateral damage, you might expect some blowback.  We get more from the Righties who confuse White Jesus (sic) with their discomfort at all these new and different people here in "America."

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drc2 wrote,

Brookesmith, you ought to be ashamed of the ignorance behind your opinions.

Missouri mosque destroyed by second fire in weeksAugust 7, 2012, 12:46 a.m

drc2 wrote: Despite the

drc2 wrote:

Despite the longevity and the hate campaign against Islam, we find a very few disorganized and apparently incompetent terrorists within our borders, unless they are domestic.

Brookesmith, you ought to be ashamed of the ignorance behind your opinions.  I think there are at least as many violent-justifying right-wing Xtians as there are al Qaeda, etc.  

Your list is pathetic, and shows "lone nuts" not any organized Islamic conspiracy.  When we are drone killing Islamic kids as collateral damage, you might expect some blowback.

Doesn't make it right does it? My list is no more pathetic than Antifacist's is.

That is merely YOUR opinion, drc2. So you admit there is al Queda here, huh?

In whose name are those "lone nuts" committing their acts of terror?  I never said I agreed with what the community organizer is doing as he destroys the Contitution's Bill of Rights.  And I am against our corporate beneficairy empire building,also.



Nope, I said "al Qaeda" is

Nope, I said "al Qaeda" is remarkably absent here.  If we needed all this TSA to protect us from terrorists, I would understand the conservative appreciation of tight sphincters.

The history of this kind of perverted populism is long and sordid.  It goes from the "no-Nothings to the John Birchers to their Tea Party spawn.  It takes reality based anger and turns it into cultural nostalgia and misplaced resentment to avoid victims really taking on "the Man."  It uses prejudices and religious/nationalistic nostalgia for a romanticized past to avoid structural and institutional analysis and find binary evils to rise up against.  

For Progressives/Liberals, this fact of life undermines our misplaced faith in a politics of reasoned discourse and informed choice.  Because we "want" a world where elections are fair and based on good public discourse, we do not plunge into the street fight or punch the bullies in the nose.  We fall into a form of Obama's Purple Haze, trying to make the system work while we believe in fairies.  We don't know how to call for an Intervention and wind up being co-dependent trying to placate bullies or protect our family from discovery as sick.

We should be sharing a disgust about Wall St. and the use of prejudice to divide us.  There is no way to defend what the banksters have done or the policies that enabled them.  There are explanations about why intelligent and even well-meaning "leaders" bought this crap and allowed it to happen.  They ought to be instructive to us abotu why either the Culture War nor the Class War ought to be tolerated; and we can throw in the Imperial Wars to boot.  

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There is an old african

There is an old african saying,"worry about the snakes in the house ,then the snakes outside". The criminal rightwing 1% is our snakes in the house,they give birth to a lot of chickens(snakes). There politics being cover for crimes.

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Another gun nut and Glenn

Another gun nut and Glenn Beck fan strikes again (see Caffall facebook page). Americans-even Glen Beck eliminationists-- are becoming more and more desparate as police home evictions increase.

Thomas Caffall, Texas A&M Shooting Suspect, Had Mental 'Difficulties,' Mom Says

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Brookesmith wrote: I never

Brookesmith wrote:

I never said I agreed with what the community organizer is doing as he destroys the Contitution's Bill of Rights.  And I am against our corporate beneficairy empire building,also.


"I'm sure you'll find a friend that really cares about what you believe yourself to be talking about, but I'm just not interested."

The Thesaurus of Useful Responses To Right Wing Manchurian Americans