The MOST appropriate collective noun in the English Language

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A collective noun is a specific word used to refer to a group of some kind.  Common examples are  a HERD of buffalo, a PRIDE of lions and a GAGGLE of geese.  Yesterday, I learned the collective noun for baboons, and it is, to my way of thinking, just spot-on appropriate.

The collective noun, in this case, is a CONGRESS of baboons - which, it often appears, is EXACTLY what we have in Washington, DC!


Natural Lefty
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Yes indeed. That is really

Yes indeed. That is really funny, Mstaggerlee, and an apt description of our dysfunctional body of elected representatives.

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Which came first, I wonder,

Which came first, I wonder, the chickens or the baboons?

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That's brilliant. Someone

That's brilliant. Someone should put that on a sign and join the Occupy movement.