Poll: 90% like small businesses-People Don't Practice What They Preach

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"Almost 90% of American adults have a favorable opinion of small businesses, according to the 2012 Public Affairs Pulse survey.

Source: Public Affairs Pulse 2012

The survey weighs the attitudes toward business and government. Bottom line: Americans have a lot of confidence in small business, some in big companies and not much in the federal government. The poll was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the Public Affairs Council, a nonprofit group for public affairs executives.
Two thirds (67%) of the 1,750 respondents have favorable views of major companies and less than half (41%) have favorable views of the federal government.

“Americans have serious doubts about whether the federal government can effectively handle the challenges the nation faces,” said Doug Pinkham, president of the Public Affairs Council. “As a result, the public is turning to the business sector and saying, ‘The government can’t seem to manage these things, so what can you do to help?’”

Among the activities most Americans think business should do:

  • 72% provide community services such as food banks and job training
  • 68% help improve health care
  • 66% help improve education

At the same time, 76% of respondents said too much power is in the hands of a few large companies, and 63% said major companies make too much money."

These are the same people who shop at WalMart which destroyed their local businesses. These are the same people who will go down to their local store to check out a product and then go online and order it from Amazon. Their behavior encourages the big businesses to make "too much money".


Also, these are the same

Also, these are the same small business that people don't want to work for because of lower pay and less benefits.

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It is a real loss that small

It is a real loss that small businesses aren't getting their fair share these days. And because of the money that is needed to create your own small business, great people with great ideas might not be able to see their dream come to light. It is well known that you need money to make money, yet nowadays the dread of the costs and permits and nonsense involved puts many people off.

Is it some sort of conspiracy from the 1% to destroy our entrepreneuring abilities and opportunities, so we must rely on their businesses and be unable to sustain our own?

If the regulations involved were loosened and the costs reduced, it would provide a great environment for working - middle class growth...and less of our hard earned cash would be lining the pockets of those we distrust.


Are people going to be left

Are people going to be left with only Amazon pick up points in their area and no local businesses?

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I sure hope not.

I sure hope not.

I have heard business news

I have heard business news reports that Amazon is going for same day delivery using something like lockers at outlets like 7/11. They would order in the AM and pick up their order in the PM. This is why Amazon caved in to the states on the sales tax issue and is now building warehouses for this kind of distribution.


"Delivery time is no small component of e-commerce, especially at those critical times where you need a gift or essential item by the next day. Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) is attempting to alleviate this burden, however, by pushing toward same-day delivery options. This removes even more incentive for frequenting brick-and-mortar stores like Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT), Target Corporation(TGT), or Barnes & Noble Inc(BKS). Amazon's competitor eBay (EBAY) is also working to ease the burden of long delivery times, but its moves are much more minor. Amazon will likely pull even further ahead in the e-commerce market, boosting revenue in a market it's already dominating.

Amazon is taking an interesting step towards accomplishing this, as it is siding with brick-and-mortar stores on proposed legislation about requiring taxes for online retail stores. Stores like Wal-Mart and Target have a physical presence in the states, so they must pay taxes that Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers often do not have to pay. This maintains a high price gap between the companies. There is currently a bill in Congress that would make taxes mandatory for online retailers, regardless of whether they have a physical presence in the state. While eBay and Facebook (FB) are against the bill, Amazon joins Wal-Mart, Target, and Barnes & Noble in supporting the bill. This should seem odd at the moment, but this move goes well with another recent development that is creating a lot of Internet buzz and should help Amazon gain an even bigger U.S. presence.

Some have already noted that Amazon's moves related to taxes are a part of its larger effort to push for same-day delivery. Its goal is to deliver as soon as a couple hours after the purchase has been completed, and this means that it needs to change things in a major way. It has already signed some tax deals with states, and in these deals, Amazon has added that it will construct one or several local warehouses. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Amazon supports the online retailer tax bill, as Amazon will be establishing a physical presence in states to create better shipping options."