Republicans Romney & Ryan has "internalize the spirit of the drone".(Thanks Drc2 for part quote)

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The Romney drone coming off a battleship, has use the spirit of chickenhawk GWB with his "Mission Accomplish"(Iraq war) on military ship.       The Ryan drone took the spirit of the man pushing grandmom off the cliff( tv ad.) for his economic budget. The republicans are drones,what evil spirits control them?  


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Unfortunately, it's not evil

Unfortunately, it's not evil spirits. If it was, we could have an exorcism.

It's evil people, who just want their stash.

The sacred gold, the blessed diamonds.

God we thank thee for our prosperity! Hey Man!

It's the culture that makes the difference, in these regards.

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The capitalist spirit isn`t

The capitalist spirit isn`t evil? And the culture of "dog eat dog" is an issue. You can bet #1 Drone Romney and #2 Drone Ryan  have a problem with both.

You tell 'em, Tayl.  (I've

You tell 'em, Tayl. 

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