"Romney’s Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Millions From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities" ... from Democracy Now

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Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post appeared on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman today on Free Speech TV. The subject of the interview was Grim's article in the Huffington Post.   In the article Grim described how when Mitt Romney was looking for investor capital to start Bain Capital, he obtained pledges for $9 million, about 40% of his startup funds, from people that had ties to the right wing death squads of El Salvador of the 1980's.  Many of these investors still hold shares in Bain Capital. 

The link for the Democracy Now web site contains video and a transcript of the interview : 


Ryan Grim's article in the Huffington Post : 

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads


This book by Greg Grandin is mentioned in the interview and has a link on the web page for Democracy Now : 

Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism




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Oh, so now right wing

Oh, so now right wing fascists with ties to former Nazis like Klaus Barbie cannot use their money to help good people like Mittens loot America? MikSilver, why do you hate freedom?

This really gives the Ken

This really gives the Ken Doll some "foreign affairs" cred.  If he knew the Contras and Salvadoran Juntas, he would be in the ARENA the powers of empire occupy.  Don't want to think about what he will do about the invite from Nuns on a Bus to come and meet some poor people.  

I wonder if we will see this

I wonder if we will see this item mentioned in one of those pro-Obama superpac "Citizens United" ads ... the best timing to play it for the first time would be a day or two before the first debate, enough to screw up Willard's prep. I just might have to stop zapping commercials on the dvr so I don't miss it; then again, maybe not ... I'll just use the "google machine".

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Maybe that's why he picked

Maybe that's why he picked Paul Ryan a catholic for VP. He has had the dead Pope in his election ads, along with Wallensa [both catholic]. His benefactors at Bain killed Nuns and Priests without qualms.


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He picked Ryan, because

He picked Ryan, because Rmoney is too weak to pick someone he wanted. Rmoney had to appease the TeaBagger base. So now, the man responsible for Obamneycare has as his VP pick the person who has written a bill to end Medicare as we know it, AND slashes Medicaid.

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The Salvadoran truth may

The Salvadoran truth may actually gin up the base, the nazi base.

That doesn't make sense-the

That doesn't make sense-the tea baggers weren't going to vote for anyone but Romney anyway. We'll see how many conservative independents there are. Maybe not many-they are already repubs.

Hey DdC

Hey DdC :


I didn't know you cared !

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Care might be a tad strong.

Care might be a tad strong. Interesting cartoons with characters actually resembling humans. Even if we had a rodent save the day. He wasn't a gd sponge. Wild sponges aren't square like the plastic kitchen ones. Triangles and cartoonists can't even draw a decent mouth. Two half circles and sticks wobbling around making political commentary. So these fascist cartoons and side kicks and the gullible audience rooting for the white hat. Didn't need no ad agency tricks and gossip. The bad guy is always the unshaven one, dressed in black. Except Paladin.

The Ganjawar Fraud
Iran Contra Anniversary
The Lost Opportunities of Iran-Contra 25 Years Later
The Tragic Life of Gary Webb
With "Kill the Messenger" (Nation Books/Avalon), Nick Schou, an editor at Orange County Weekly , provides a meticulous, balanced account of the life of Gary Webb, the former San Jose Mercury News reporter who, despite minor errors, basically got it right when he wrote the biggest story of his career. That story lifted the rug on a historical episode the mainstream media didn't want to touch: How the Central Intelligence Agency turned a blind eye to drug dealing in furtherance of its covert support for the Nicaraguan contras. For his efforts, Webb was hounded out of journalism after a ferocious assault from America's most prestigious newspapers, which Schou documents in painstaking and shameful detail. When Webb -- who had once shared a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting -- committed suicide in December 2004

The Corporate Muzzle Trolls of Fascism
Drugged on Democracy
A Drug Warmongers Toll on Americans
czar pervert news.gif

We had a common goal that profited the rich unlike the incentives today. Until we started talking to returning Vets finding reality totally unlike the propagandists said. Or the buzzwords to recruit. Honor Glory and Duty was a biggie if memory serves, as it does despite cockeyed opinions to the contrary. I've been protesting every police action since May Day 71. Hemp is more of an answer to the environment than another 40 years of Greenpeace rubber rafts trying to stop whalers. Giving an alternative to the fossil fools and timber destruction besides tree sitting and handing out dead tree plastic covered fliers.

Just What The Jewish Doctor Ordered?
Toke-A-Day May Keep Old Memory Functioning

The Ganjawar funds covert actions like Iran Contra, As the cold war funded the Bay of Pigs. Dyncorps and Haliburton profits on both. Exxon chevron and mr peabody's coal company, fuels the trucks and generators. Rocky crud took out farmers stills producing their own tractor fuel from crop remnants, especially hemp. No one paid attention with all the tommyguns and untouchables. Then the same propagandists took out Hemp and Medicinal cannabis through tax loophole deterrents and Ganja through prohibition. While the jobless people prepared for war.  Except the Neocon's of the day making profits with IG Farbin. All competing with cannabis and hemp.

Collaterally Damaged Guatemala
Exporting DEAmocracy
Freak Trade * Free Raids
215 obey ashcroft.gif

Electric trollies maintenance gutted paving the way for Rocky's crud diesel buses. Same tactic Enron used to gut CA power generators causing brown outs etc. Still paying off the gouged 1000% increase in imported electricity. Korea and the Namscam were never declared wars for the simple reason of profit. So Howard Hughes and Rocky and Booshwinkle could sell the tools of the trade, including high tech spy gadgets. 50,000 dead and the chickenhawks waging it never blinked. 3000+ in Lieraq's nuthin. Millions from cancer and neurological diseases caused by the same neocons. Then they sell us "treatment"

k&b preserving.gif
quote/lancet no ill.jpg
quote/abbie pisstests.jpg
hash templeballs.jpg

Then Nixon lumped Ganja and Hemp  together, off the market shelves as a schedule#1 canvas and burlap making up most of the "marijuana" eradications. Saveding the kidlets from stronger softer blue jeans and omega 3 seed and oil.  All in one pen stoke signing the bogus controlled substance act. While the sheople grazed heavily on Watergate. Manipulation by weasel politicians while the dumb ass dumbed down teabog ditto's and politically correct idiots bicker and throw stones in their glass houses.

Reimagining Latin American Democracy
Canada's Supremes Cower Under DEAth Threats
Leonard Peltier Greetings From Leavenworth

I don't think mainstream can get closer than gossip due to their paychecks. I certainly don't think it started with Boosh under Rayguns. Guatemala was in 53. Cuba Colombia Mexico Haiti Jamaica Canada and most if not all of OPEC and the mid east. Imperialism isn't new and just because the internet and wiki leaks confirm it doesn't mean we have to get all willy nilly. People need basics and penalizing workers to pay for it isn't fair. Fascist throughout history always get screwed by greed in their underlings. Christians should understand this more than Americans believing in silly words like Liberty and Sovereignty. They worship one dictator, infallible, all mighty creator of life. That they proceed to kill and sell for profits. Not a problem up to the point where it tinkles down someplace else.

Kosovo The Current Bombings: Behind the Rhetoric
Jeb Bush Fungus/Life of a Drug Lord
Lobbyists War Over Billions in Antidrug Aid
Vietnam All Over Again - The Colombia Drug War

I see no allegiance with Ryan and Mittney. Ends justifying means is obvious and more clear on the net. The 1% or so have a goal of removing what they can from local communities forcing a centralized supply from the cheapest labor possible. Everything benefitting communities paid by tax is less tax they can get killing foreign brown people. Or caging stoners and minorities for drugs. Anything like Hemp and Ganja benefitting communities, by passing Wall St and Wallmart is not prudent at this juncture. Neocon's sell artificial products over locally made natural organic products, non renewable hydrocarbons over renewable carbohydrates and treatment over cures and prevention. At the expense of our health or whatever, it's overhead, eliminate it with disposable workers and Perry jobettes. More turn around the more tax breaks hiring. Less seniority bennies. Then rush farts and the ditto's nod in agreement. Even when they stand at the docks watching their factory being shipped overseas.

420 Dysfunction Junction, Incarceration Nation
American Media Not Reporting 27 Kidnapped Soldiers
Corporations That Supplied Iraq's Weapons Program
quote/lincoln falsehoods.gif

The Ganjawar is a microcosm of the big enchilada workers are experiencing. Same demonizing stoners been getting since Anslinger in the 30's and then Nixon until today. Whenever I see a headline I usually wait for the real news behind the scenes. Ending communism is a buzz term to stir the sheople. No reason for anyone to fear another country taking care of their citizens. Money has become Americas Constitutional entrance. Not according to the forefathers, but to the Wall St Pentagon of Neocons it is. It's still divide and not conquer but perpetuate. Sickness wars or actually for profit police actions. Crime or abortions smoking pot or gay marriage. Two opposing sides paying attention to winning and not to the man behind the curtain pulling their strings. It's a stage and behind it is a machine. Eats out spoken people like m&m's. Play the game and no one cares. I've smoked pot over 40 years and stopped selling it in 72. Not one arrest. No one cares. Those without conscience requiring pisstastes eliminate good workers.

I doubt I'll ever get to witness what HQ predicted. But I'd like too.

❝If the people knew what we had done,
they would chase us down the street and lynch us.❞
~ George H.W. Bush to journalist Sarah McClendon

Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

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Negroponte is whining about

Negroponte is whining about Mittney's ties to death squads. Says all he ever got was a cabinet position. Now golden boy gets to run for president? No Justice!

Mittney ties to El Salvadorian right wing death squads w pics

Now that the city is dreaming, viva the pale moonlight. Take to your bibles, take to your beds, now that nothing seems right. National Guards who they pay by the week are gonna clash in the curfew tonight. With Los companeros born in the war, from Warsaw to San Salvador.

A voice from the past comes a callin', saying hold every strong heart dear. These are the days when it seems like there's nothing but newspapers, order, fear. Praise to the ones who are burried gone, and to the brave hearts who just disappeared. Los companeros, born in the war, from Belfast to San Salvador.

Whad'a you got to do to get through.
They're deaf as a graveyard.
What does Nicaragua say to you?

Think of the midnight, silver & black, think if the sun can be fooled. Think of the four sisters shot in the back for running a land reform school. Think of the ones taken hard in the hills, they can be beaten but they can never be ruled. Los Companeros, born in the war, viva El Salvador.
Joan Baez: El Salvador

another day, another pointless atrocity
On this date in 1991, the government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN) reached an initial agreement to end one of the worst Latin American conflicts of the 20th century. The El Salvadoran civil war, fueled by billions of dollars in military assistance from the Reagan administration, cut short 70-80,000 lives and resulted in massive human rights abuses, nearly all of which -- as a United Nations Truth Commission later revealed -- were perpetrated by the government, whose armed forces and roving death squads eliminated labor activists, Jesuit priests, American churchwomen, and peasant leaders under the pretense of disabling the rebellion.

Mitt Romney, Bain, Reagan And Salvadorian Death Squads
Mitt Romney had strong financial support in the early days of Bain Capital from some pretty secretive people in his past, people linked to the famous death squads of El Salvador. There were many powerful Salvadoran families in the 1980′s who having made large sums of money through various means, needed a way to move the money out of the country and invest it in more ‘legitimate’ ventures, an effort to ‘clean’ the funds and make them grow in a legal way.

What do Mitt Romney and El Salvadoran death squads have in common?

Mitt Romney Just Delighted To Wave Around His Blood-Soaked Death Squad Dollars

Romney's Death Squad Ties google
* Romney's Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Millions From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities
* Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads
* Now the Far Left Is Trying to Tie Mitt Romney to El Salvador Death Squads.
* Now Romney blamed for 'death squads' in El Salvador?
* Mitt Romney's Ties to El Salvadoran Death Squads.
* Why stop at cancer? HuffPo links Mitt Romney to Salvadoran death squads
* Romney Scrutinized over Bain's Ties to El Salvador Death Squads
* Report: Mitt Romney Founded Bain With Money From Miamians
* Huffington Post Tries to Connect Governor Romney to Death Squads
* Ad related to mitt romney el salvadorian death squads

Bush Appoints Death Squad Ambassador to Iraq
Dems Ignore Negroponte's Death Squad Past

Washington's Death Squad War in El Salvador 1980-1994 (75,000 civillians murdered)
U.S. Ambassador to Syria in charge of recruiting Arab/Muslim death squads
Syria: U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford and the Salvador option

US uses Death Squads in Afghanistran
by Steven D Mon Jul 26th, 2010
The the recent Wikileaks release indicates that the US Military and NATO have deployed a "Special Unit" called Task Force 373 and other units to kill people "to hunt down targets for death or detention without trial." In short, an assassination unit that has killed suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders but also innocent civilians.

What did we call "special units" in Central American countries (think El Salvador) that went around killing people back in the 1980's to prop up a corrupt government that just happened to be an ally of the American government? Our government when Ronald Reagan was president) called them Death Squads, as the title to this document dated 1/10/84, which was requested by then Vice President Bush from the Directorate of Intelligence, makes crystal clear:

El Salvador: Dealing with Death Squads
Here's an image of the actual document Mr. Bush received in 1984 from the NSA archives at George Washington University:

Mexico's Drug Death Toll Double What Reported, Expert Argues Aug 10 2012
The death toll in Mexico’s bloody drug war has been hotly debated since outgoing President Felipe Calderón declared an offensive on the country’s drug cartels back in 2006.

How Legalizing Drugs Would Strengthen Democracy From Afghanistan to Mexico Aug 9 2012
The UN Office of Drug Control (UNODC) has thoroughly documented the violence, crime, and corruption linked with the worldwide heroin and opium trade.

How Wikileaks Revealed Mexico–US Drug-War Dynamic

Stop the War on Colombians!

Joan Baez & Jackson Browne - El salvador (Live)

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? I edited, and ended up

? I edited, and ended up here.

Editing a reply changes its

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Romney, Bain, Oligarchs and

Romney, Bain, Oligarchs and Death Squads

karoli : To me, it's like being sent right back to the Reagan years again, propping up oligarchs in Latin America while the people are crushed under their feet.



Bain Capital started with

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors



U.S.-Funded War in El

U.S.-Funded War in El Salvador Casts Shadow over Romney/Ryan Campaign



I guess this is why Der Mitt

I guess this is why Der Mitt is so certain we are jealous of his success.  Who wouldn't want to have this resume?  Hear that Nuns on that Bus!

http://nunsonthebus.com/  htt








From the PRWATCH web site

From the PRWATCH web site :

U.S.-Funded War in El Salvador Casts Shadow over Romney/Ryan Campaign

"Amidst reports that Mitt Romney launched Bain Capital with funds from investors tied to 1980s Salvadoran death squads, his new running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is getting foreign policy briefings from a man who actively covered-up some of the worst atrocities committed by those same death squads." ...