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TX was always jealous of SC so this century is a TX century.


Texas Judge: ‘Civil War’ a Possibility if Obama Re-Elected Email    Print    Share

    Posted on Aug 22, 2012Screenshot 

Texas Judge Tom Head is already thinking ahead to some of the worst case scenarios if Barack Obama is re-elected. Like, for example, how the president would hand over control of the United States to the United Nations, which could then result in all sorts of bad things happening! And in Lubbock, Texas, too, of course, because obviously that’s the first place the U.N. would (hypothetically) invade.

And what would that lead to? “Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war, maybe. And we’re not talking just a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy,” Head said.

The judge outlined his conspiracy theory while he was—get this—calling for a tax hike, which would subsequently be used to increase local law enforcement, and thus leave it more prepared for said civil war.

Oh, and did we mention already that he’s an elected official in Lubbock County?

  I have always wanted a humor topic thread, I think TX could be a permanent category title for just such postings. Never does a day go by without material for smile, a chuckle, a snicker, or a broader guffaw. Thank you TX.


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The judge states in the

The judge states in the linked interview on fox that he WILL stand in front of the UN amored personnel carrier coming in to Lubbock, and the Sheriff has sworn to back him up. [Listen to the interviewer as this unfolds..'mmm hmm, mmm hmm' not even a trace of a smile, the guy was good],   Now is he thinking Tianneman  Sq, or Rachel in Palestine?

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More like George Wallace.

More like George Wallace.

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Who said ignorance doesn't

Who said ignorance doesn't breed ignorance? Which state is at the bottom in education, texas or mississippi?

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Have you ever been to

Have you ever been to Lubbock?  It is FLAT, can see for miles and miles. If it wasn't for Texas Tech and all the farming in the area it would be a big spot in the road.  

You can tell if someone is from that area because for the "far away" look in their eyes.  

Now I know what they're looking for.... UN troops.  

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I wonder if they have posted

I wonder if they have posted lookouts. The tax hike he is seeking should get an air raid siren or something. Drills, gotta  have drills, first monday of every month, but in months with 30 days we make it first tuesday to confuse the UN intelligence. A recessed grate at the entry to town could be installed, too. With automatic deployment on a hydraulic lift when the siren goes off, yeah that'll stop 'em.   

Pillboxes on one side with slots for our armaments. Sheeet, no armored car is gonna try Lubbock, now.

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If only John Candy was still

If only John Candy was still alive, he could invade Lubbock with a few friends, dressed in blue helmets.