Keystone XL Pipeline construction in Texas blocked by landowners and supporters living in trees...where is the news coverage?

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I did not become aware of the front line action by landowners and supporters protesting the construction of TranCanada's Keystone XL southern leg in Texas until the third day. Since then, I have not seen a single news story on the network news. The only coverage I have seen was one item in the Democracy Now news headlines on 9/2512: 

Not even one mention of the torture tactics used by the local police forces (as directed by TransCanada personnel) against the peaceful protestors that chained themselves to construction equipment to delay the project.  

Please excuse my language, but WTF ? 

Why is this story being blacked out?

Watch the attached videos and read the attached news items ... and then, ask yourself that question again.


VIDEO: The Texas Tree Village ( 9/30/12 ) 

This video produced for Tar Sands Blockade shows action from the first 10 days, including close up views of the protesters in the trees ... 

Epic Action Video  ( 10/3/12 ) 

Video: Texas Landowners Resist Keystone XL ( 9/14/12 ) 

Video: Eleanor Reacts to TransCanada Destroying Her Land ( 10/3/12 ) 

Keystone XL Protesters Say They're 'Scared for Their Lives'; TransCanada Denies Wrongdoing ( 10/2/12 )

Keystone XL Protesters Say They're 'Scared for Their Lives ... 

Love and Rebellion in the East Texas Woods (10/2/12 ) 


summary of previous events (sometimes including additional video embedded in the page), from (dates are from comments on the page):

Community Rallies to Defend David Hightower’s Home Vineyard ( 9/8/12 )

Texas Rice Farmers Challenge TransCanada’s Eminent Domain Claims in Court ( 9/13/12 ) 

Video: Texas Landowners Resist Keystone XL ( 9/14/12 ) { as seen above } 

Watch Our Action Packed Video — Join Our Next Action ( 9/14/12 ) 

“I just wish they would go away” ( 9/16/12 ) 

BREAKING: 5 Blockaders Arrested For Stopping Keystone XL Machinery ( 9/19/12 ) 


and the blockade in the trees begins:

BREAKING: Eight People Climb Trees And Start Indefinite Tree Sit to Stop Keystone XL (Day 1) ( 9/24/12 ) 

BREAKING: Two People Lock Themselves to Keystone XL Machinery to Defend Eight People in Tree Blockade (Day 2) ( 9/25/12 ) 

TransCanada Actively Encouraged Torture Tactics to be Used on Peaceful Protesters (Day 3) ( 9/26/12 ) 

Tree Cutting Machines Within 20 Feet of Nine Blockaders in Trees in Path of Keystone XL (Day 3) ( 9/26/12 ) 

VIDEO: TransCanada Worker Attempts to Drop Tree on Peaceful Blockader (Day 4) ( 9/27/12 ) 

Heavy Machinery, Police Approaching Tree Blockade (Day 5)  ( 9/28/12 ) 

Clear-Cutting Crews Near Tree Blockade — Sheriff Assisting TransCanada (Day 6) ( 9/29/12 ) 

Keystone XL Destroys David Hightower’s Home 

VIDEO: The Texas Tree Village { also included in the intro above } 

From The Trees (Day 7) ( 9/30/12 ) 

Tar Sands is Going to Poison Our Water 

Tree Blockade Weathers an Intense Week (Day 8) ( 10/1/12 ) 

BREAKING: Blockader Locks to Underground Capsule to Protect a Family Farm 

Environmental Justice: Why I Got Arrested to Stop Keystone XL 

Texan Climbs 40 Foot Pole in Path of Keystone XL Clear Cut (Day 9) ( 10/2/12 ) 

Epic Action Video — Mary Delaying Keystone XL For Another Day (Day 10) ( 10/3/12 ) 

Video: Eleanor Reacts to TransCanada Destroying Her Land ( 10/3/12 ) { also included above } 


for further updates, please go to the web site for Tar Sands Action ... above the title for each pages story there usually is a gray shaded area with links toi the next and previous story; start at the "eleanor" page immediately above, and click on the link for the next story.


I'll be making further updates to the new post above, rather than to the original below.

here is the original message board topic I have been tracking this story in; there are plenty of items included there that were not transferred here, especially the twitter messages and some news articles: 


google link for search on additional news items about "Tar Sands Blockade" or "Tar Sands Action" :


{ you do not have to be registered on twitter to READ tweets; }

click the links below for timely updates}


Tar Sands Blockade



Bill McKibben 




 350 dot org





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Thank goodness the local news

Thank goodness the local news there in Texas decided it was time to cover this event and since this topic was moved I guess Thom is now going to talk about it.......(except we don't get to hear it on radio in the Los Angeles Now WHERE IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IN ALL OF THIS???

I sent this new link via

I sent this new link via twitter to Thom, Democracy Now and Amy Goodman, to John Nichols, and a bunch of news networks and services. Wonder if any of them will bother to pick it up. The first two videos are eye catching, as are some of the other items in that first block of the post. They can pick and choose what to use, or continue doing nothing.

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Do they really pay attention

Do they really pay attention to tweets? I would imagine that they get so many tweets that yours could get buried alive. Honestly, I don't know how that all works because I am not on twitter but i do hope they see the tweets and act upon them! Thank you for all you are doing!

I found it easier to find the

I found it easier to find the twitter addresses and write the tweets than hunt for email addresses; trying to figure out which email address to use when they have multiples available is tricky. Also thought since tweets are shorter the stack above me would take less time to weed through. Who knows if anyone will pay attention. I've been following this thing for a little over a week now, but those first two videos in the new topic today really grabbed me ... I have about 3-4 others I ran across today from earlier, and 1 or 2 new ones saved to watch when I can find the time.


Direct Action Training Camp (Oct 12-14) 


Get the facts on Keystone XL before tonight's Presidential debate. Still dirty, useless and climate-cooking:   

 Today  protested Keystone VP Cory Goulet at his appearance at AT&T Center.       

 Gov Romney, you said youd build yourself. Can u drive a feller buncher?   

Energy  answer from Romney. Drill, baby, drill. Even if that means stealing land from Americans  

Seriously, ? Clean coal??? Pipeline??? While people are risking their lives to save their communities    

FACT CHECK: Fossil fuels receive 6 times more in subsidies than renewable energy:     


Tar sands industry begins its 'total crapshoot' of an environmental cleanup plan: 

 2300 sq KM toxic waste zone.



more on

more on Mary:

doing alright. played games, sang songs, shared meals today. keeping our spirits up. trying 2 keep mary's spirits up. 

mary is still in the monopod. cant believe shes still up there they have two floodlights tonight.   


While we parse , activist & hero Mary G puts her body on the line to stop construction of KeystoneXL cc  


I just made a donation to Tar Sands Blockade. I'm in awe of their work & heroism, you should be, too. Help them at : 


VIDEO:  after 42+ hours up activist decended in high spirits, singing as she rappeled   


Sending our love to Mary, who maintained position stopping construction for 2 full days  



  (for being awesome) (for the help)  (for songs to sing) and Mary (for being kick-ass) 


Stop just sitting at your computer and talking about politics, it won't change anything. Get out and take DIRECT ACTION towards change.  





updates from the above tweets on the web site:

Epic Action Video — Mary Delaying Keystone XL For Another Day (Day 10) 


I received the following

I received the following email from Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth in support of the protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas:

Dear Friend,

Video: peaceful protesters in harm’s way as heavy machinery clear cuts trees

It’s not often we witness true courage.

And yet, on the ground in east Texas, the brave members of Tar Sands Blockade are showing us what true courage looks like. Their coordinated tree sit, located directly in the path of Keystone XL clear cutting, has lasted over a week despite constant threats from nearby machinery and heavy handed responses from the police, egged on by TransCanada. 

These escalating measures show Tar Sands Blockade’s commitment to protecting its communities and the climate, as well as the increasing dangers that the TransCanada construction and police reaction pose.

President Obama, who is allowing this pipeline to move forward, is ultimately responsible for the welfare of these blockaders. He must be made aware of what is happening on the ground in Texas. Can you help protect the Tar Sands Blockade members by calling the White House?

Last week, Shannon Beebe and Benjamin Franklin, two members of the Tar Sands Blockade, locked themselves to heavy machinery in an act of nonviolent resistance. In a shocking example of unwarranted police brutality against peaceful protesters exercising their rights, the local Sheriff's Department, with TransCanada employees watching, twisted Shannon and Ben’s arms, put Ben in a choke hold and sprayed the two with pepper spray. Then, after conferring with the TransCanada representatives, the police proceeded to use a taser to shock Shannon and Ben multiple times.

Afterwards, John, the senior TransCanada supervisor, openly congratulated the Sheriff's Department Lieutenant on a "job well done," to which he responded, "If this happens again we'll just skip to using pepper spray and tasing in the first 10 minutes."

These torture tactics are deplorable and dangerous. Take a moment to call President Obama and demand that he publicly call for an end to these abuses. Click here for the number, a phone script, and more information on the Tar Sands Blockade.

Thank you for taking action and supporting the brave protesters in east Texas. We must take a stand now so that their courage does not go to waste.

Erich Pica
President, Friends of the Earth

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Maggie Has Been Arrested

Maggie Has Been Arrested After Sitting On a 40 Foot Pole to Delay Keystone XL Clear-Cutting for Two Entire Days  ( 10/4/12 ) 

Tree Blockade Is Under Siege (Day 11)  ( 10/4/12 ) 

10/4/12 , early evening ... I do believe that Daryl Hannah was among the over 1,000 protestors arrested last year in front of the White House while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline:

BREAKING: Actress Daryl Hannah arrested with a Texas farmer defending her home from     

Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested With East Texas Great-Grandmother for “Trespassing” on Her Own Farm 


lots more going on: 



Finally some recognition for

Finally some recognition for these hard working people ...

THANK YOU  Daryl Hannah!

from 10/5/12:

RT : Woke up to Daryl Hannah &  on CNN- hell yeah! Solidarity from FL at   


Eleanor and Daryl were just on ! Getting bigger by the minute.   


And CBS too!

Texas grandmother arrested for trespassing on her own land to protest Keystone  




Hard to keep up with events on a work day. I have not had a chance to catch up with all the tweets yet ... I'll just pull a few, and new pages from the web site.

An Open Letter From Our Supporters   ( 10/5/12 )

Letter from Supporters on Police Brutality   ( 10/1/12 ) 

Insult to Injury: Shannon Retroactively Arrested for a Felony   ( 10/5/12 ) 


from 10/4/12:

Maggie Gorry, aka Mary, arrested after sitting on 40 ft pole, delaying KXL clear-cutting for 2 days  


just a few tweets, mostly from sources outside of Tar Sands Blockade:

from 9/24/12:

RT  Major unions endorse mass sit-in to defend west coast from  pipelines:  

from 10/4/12:

RT : "though I'm scared, I feel powerful knowing I'm what's btwn my friends & destruction" -Maggie


Maggie has been released from jail on $11,000 bail. Demonstrate your support for Maggie w/ a donation  

There they go again... more lies from TC about energy security () KXL is an EXPORT pipeline  

Texas great-grandma (& Daryl Hannah) arrested on her own land for protesting  pipeline    


from 10/5/12:

 350 Maine supports the Tar Sands Blockade! And the brave and courageous ACTivists! Thank you for all you are doing!


Daryl Hannah & East Texas Great-Grandmother Arrested Protesting Keystone XL -     


Crude oil pipeline? Apparently ppl can't look at a map.      


 and TSB arrestee Ben Franklin press conference at 11am today  


Daryl & Eleanor are out of jail. After defending her farm TransCanada worked all night to speedily bulldoze it   


VIDEO: Eleanor and Daryl brave fire and heavy machinery to defend her Texas farm from KXL   


Thank you Daryl and Eleanor! Daryl Hannah Arrested In Texas For Protesting Pipeline  via  


Supposed alternate Keystone XL route via Canada dead. Makes next prez's decision &  that much more critical


Vid of Elenore and  stopping KXL construction w/ DA. How do u stop a pipeline? u get in front of it   


We signed on the open letter supporting  and those willing to stop construction to prevent destruction    


BREAKING: 30 nat'll and int'll environmental orgs join open letter standing w/  


  Earthworks joins the other environmental orgs in signing the letter   


RT : NEW VIDEO Daryl Hannah, Eleanor Fairchild defend Fairchild Farms from Keystone XL  


We Stand With Those Who Stand Against Tar Sands Pipeline: An Open Letter    


An Open Letter In Support Of the Tar Sands Blockade  


Insult to Injury: After torture tactics, Shannon arrested on retroactive felony charges   


PHOTOS: Powerful images of destruction and resistance. Eleanor and  fight back!   


the pictures from that tweet:

Daryl and Eleanor Fairchild Arrested for Trespassing on Her Land ( 10/5/12 )

Spreading the word about the  at  show!  


lots more going on: 



One more brief mention of

One more brief mention of these events on today's "Up With Chris Hayes" on MSNBC, by Alexis Goldstein, of Occupy Wall Street and The Nation magazine.

Again, Thank You Daryl Hannah!

I've seen from his tweets that Bill McKibben has been busy, but finally made it to Texas in the last couple of days. Not sure if he will be able to make it to the blockade.


Daryl Hannah on twitter:


her web site:


At the  show spreading the word. Everyone's heard of  action   

Another couple of busy work

Another couple of busy work days, wonder what I missed Saturday down there at the blockade; lets see ...

A Firsthand Account of Shannon’s Retroactive Arrest      ( 10/7/12 ) 

Tree Blockade Standing Strong Despite Repression (Day 13)      ( 10/7/12 ) 

Dreaming Eighty Feet In The Air (Day 14)      ( 10/7/12 ) 

Join Our Direct Action Training Camp (Oct 12-14)      ( 10/7/12 ) 


and a few tweets from the last couple of days:

10/6/12 - 

Follow , the brave activists I mentioned at the end of who are fighting Keystone XL  


Why Susan Scott Buried TransCanada's Money on Her Family Farm  


the article linked to by that tweet: 

RT  Elenore & DH stopping KXL construction w/ DA. How do u stop a pipeline? u get in front of it!   


 thank you blockaders! your bravery & tireless commitment continues to be a inspiration - looking forward to your training camp! 


Great to meet the folks from  ! Performing always has extra meaning when you look out and see people who are living the lyrics! 


Hello ! Meet Maggie, our brave friend who stopped the Keystone XL pipeline for 2 days   


"young people are seeing that this earth needs saving from the idiots that think you can breathe money" - Susan   


TransCanada is a common thief, not a common carrier.  & with    


BREAKING: Police officer climbs up timber scaffolding on a ladder! LIVE STREAM (9:45pm)    


VIDEO: "Police officers" climbing into tree blockade refuse to identify themselves  

MT : unidentified security scale  wall and encounter livestreamers. sheriff 903.763.2201   


10/7/12 - 


Things are ok. 1st security official would not identify as law enforcement, asked for badge #, refused.   


Video: Security official remains unidentified, talks football then refuses to ID as law enforcement.    




more later ... its been a looooooong day.


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This is so tragic and truely

This is so tragic and truely it's only the beginning. HOW many MILES of pipeline will be going across the stolen land of how many Americans that DO NOT WANT the pipeline or the flithy money they have been forced to sign a contract for.

God bless those who fight on the front lines to protect our earth. 

I hope the tweets are going to the White House. At some point I think they owe the public a response to what is happening.

I have not had the time yet

I have not had the time yet to search for video on the net of the recent (over due) news coverage of these events. In the mean time, here are some updates from yesterdays action:

Video: TransCanada Operating Heavy Machinery 20 Feet From Tree Blockader (Day 15)    ( 10/8/12 ) 

Check out our new wish list of needed supplies. Hoping the holidays come early this year  

link for the page with the wish list: 


KEYSTONE KOPS: During pipeline protest, Texas woman is arrested for trespassing on her own property  



Keystone Kops: During Pipeline Protest, Texas Woman Arrested For Trespassing — On Her Own Property! 


 we've got great tea party support on the ground, it's the politicians that ignore the reality 

 Retweeted by  

Help the brave citizens putting their bodies on line 4 clean energy: Blockade Wish List  



 just dedicated their new song "The Circle in the Square" to us and   


 Retweeted by  


Thanks to Thom Hartmann for

Thanks to Thom Hartmann for this segment on The Big Picture after the arrest of Daryl Hannah and Eleanor Fairchild:

How do you get arrested for trespassing on your own property?

in case you missed this earlier:

10/5/12 -  OWS

10/5/12 - 

 calls for nat day of action against pipelines. 

Daryl Hannah arrested in TX for protesting big oil:


10/7/12 -

Help the brave citizens putting their bodies on line 4 clean energy:  Blockade Wish List   



10/8/12 - 

2 weeks in the trees of Texas! Sending love to  today:   Donate to show support here:  


Happy  Luv &  for        


Wow -  crushed a couple of climate-deniers on  on Friday:   How do you replace Iowa??

Radio interview w/ our spoke Ron abt Maggie, the Tree Village and our DA camp Oct 12-14    


Day 15: Terrifying video of tree blockader dangling over TransCanada's clear-cutting machinery  


If you rely on politicians, you're going to lose. Obama set to approve northern Keystone XL  via 

“I don’t want tarsands anywhere in the US. I am mad. This land is my land.” -Eleanor    



Get some much needed rest Tim!  Tim DeChristopher to finish sentence in Salt Lake City halfway house



"Locals are doing what most people would do. They are standing up and defending their own homes."   




Hey Texans--now's your chance to learn from the  how they're winning, and how you can help:


  Big Oil has been fukn everyday Texans since the late 1800's Gud 2C Texans finally C that :)) 


Tomorrow on : our friends  & Living Rivers will talk about  in the US & Utah.   



10/9/12 -  rebecca

10/9/12 - 

  Hey Direct Action Crew-- Hang ON -- THANKS FOR YOUR VIGILANCE!! STAY STRONG!!! (`2 Beca W~~~ 


TODAY: You've heard about the  pipeline, but what about plans to mine tar sands oil in Utah?  


Has your org/GA/group signed our open support letter?  please sign up now!   


As Texas Pipeline Blockade Continues, Activists Challenge First U.S. Tar Sands Strip Mine in Utah   


When ordinary people unite we have the power to stop Keystone XL  


Tar Sands Blockade enters third week   via 


Texas Homeowner Speaks Out About TransCanada Taking Her Land for  Pipeline (Video)  


 -3rd week - "Will The Planet's Future Be Decided In NorthEast Texas This Month?" -   -  - TarSands 

RT : Texas Standoff Over Dirty Oil -   


In Texas this week? Join the movement to stop the Keystone XL pipeline now     


VIDEO: Terrifying footage of TransCanada clear-cutting close to tree blockade (Day16)   



Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher (Bidder #70) released from prison to halfway house  



"Our peaceful forest has become a police state"   



4 camouflaged police surround the timber scaffolding blockade w/ media observing  


BREAKING: 2 freelance journalists attempt to descend from tree blockade   



Elizabeth, a freelance journalist, has been arrested  #NoKXL



Lorenzo, a freelance journalist, is attempting to safely descend from tree blockade   


Lorenzo arrested as he proclaims "I'm a journalist!"  




Support Elizabeth and Lorenzo with a generous donation to their bail 


Livestreamers  and  arrested by camouflaged police after descending tree blockade   


2 journalists arrested  more info  BAIL donations >       


2 thoughtful, intelligent, courageous journalists, active frm day 1 in  + now , arrested    


BREAKING: 2 freelance journalists arrested while reporting on    


Two veteran Brave Livestreamers  & have been arrested at  action, plz donate 


Two live streamers covering  arrested by camouflaged police  

Live streamers protect lives.    &  arrested in TX 







10/10/12 -  Occupied

10/10/12 - 

Last Recorded Clip As  &  Climb Out Of Tree Before Being Arrested     



I've been out of touch with events the last few days ... been busy, and my twitter account has stopped "following" Tar Sands Blockade, and I can't restart it. Without seeing their tweets in my stream, it's a little harder to remember to update this. I'll try to catch up, starting with the 10th tonight.


10/09/12 - 

beautiful east Texas... 


10/10/12 - 

From Arlo's dairy. A day in the life for a tree blockader. (Day 17)       

From the Trees: “Forever Wild, Forever Wild, Let it Stay Forever Wild” (Day 17) 

Both  &  have been released! Charges dropped b/c they're press  

Two Freelance Journalists Arrested While Reporting on Tree Blockade (Day16) (updated)  (several of the following tweets are covered in updates on this page)

BREAKING: TransCanada's hired thugs handcuff another journalist!    

BREAKING: Two journalists have been handcuffed trying to report on tree blockade   


2 journalists from an anonymous major outlet, released after TransCanada's thugs "made a phone call"    

Police are getting paid $30/hr by TransCanada and are refusing to identify themselves   




"You are doing a wonderful job destroying this beautiful forest. You sure look good from up here!”   

Under threat of arrest all press have left the tree blockade   

 it was  journalists who were detained and threatened with arrest  


Police handcuffing journalists trying to cover KXL blockade. Ugh. Transcanada=completely out of control  


bc TransCanada is stealing land, disrupting the climate & endangering our water  TSB training camp O12- 


TransCanada transforms area around  into police state: 


I'm free. Charges were dropped. Getting to Work. Thank you for all the support. Post to  Coming soon. All love!  


Construction area of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline becomes police state in Texas  

"Freedom of the press is now being completely obstructed, with police refusing to allow any access to observe."  


10/11/12 - 


First Video I saw that made me realize I had to get out to and help do media.  



more later. 

The pipeline runs directly

The pipeline runs directly through the Ogallala Aquifier....1/3 of America's underground water supply. It isn't just "oil". It's a solid.  It's infused with toxic chemicals to make it flow.

Chemicals measured in the parts per TRILLION, are deforming wildlife and causing spikes in cancer when people are exposed to them.

The earth is being stripped in an area the size of Greece. Hastening the planet's environmental collapse is probably rather stupid.

Obama has pledged to make the construction of the pipeline through the U.S. a  priority.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"



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What is happening?? Are there

What is happening?? Are there still some activists in the trees or have they been removed? I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS NO MEDIA ALL OVER THIS!!! PEOPLE START EMAILING THE NETWORKS!

Yu Ban
Yu Ban's picture
Democracy Now's Amy Goodman

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman was arrested in Minneapolis/St. Paul during the RNC Police Action and was in Freeport Illinois' BAINPORT  across from Sensata.

I say Democracy Now is the best bet for TV coverage.   All radio shows except this one are 100% focused on the election, having tossed all other stories in the dustbin.  They  do that every 2 years around September.

All I've read about is the legal challenges.

Sorry . There has been a

Sorry . There has been a little more coverage ... NY Times article some time in last few days, and more coverage on Democracy Now. I have been slowed down a bit by a med problem (hard to type when i'm so itchy and scratchy ... which reminds me, don't forget the long sleeves when you pull weeds and / or vines off a fence ... gloves are not enough).

Check the twitter account above for Tar Sands Blockade.

I'll try to get up to date in next day or two; from what I saw, the press had been thrown out by the local police hired by TransCanada, but about 50 more people showed up to help the blockaders. They had a training camp this weekend for activists ... stay tuned.

10/10/12 -  From The Big

10/10/12 - 

From The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann ... interview with Daryl Hannah & Eleanore Fairchild about their being arrested while protecting Fairchild's own land from the TransCanada construction crews. Yes, Eleanore Fairchild was arrested for tresspassing on her own land ! :

Daryl Hannah on the TransCanada pipeline  

other video on this arrest:


10/11/12 -

Video: Bill McKibben Gives A Shout Out to the Blockade in Austin 

Texas Man Climbs Tree in Nature Preserve to Stop Keystone XL 

From the Trees — A Long Walk to Freedom (Day 18) 

Police Paid by TransCanada Detain New York Times Journalists on Private Property 

Keystone XL Protests: New York Times Reporter Detained While Covering Texas Pipeline Opposition 


story from the 2010 tar sands oil spill in Kalmazoo, MI ( Dilbit is the technical name for the tarsands that has been processed into a form that will flow through a pipeline ):

EPA Worries Dilbit Still a Threat to Kalamazoo River, More Than 2 Years After Spill 

several more Keystone XL articles here: 


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/12/12 - 

Video: What Its Like on the Ground Defending the Tree Blockade (Day 19) 


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/13/12 - 

We’re On the Front Page of the New York Times Online!

the New York Times article:

Last-Ditch Bid in Texas to Try to Stop Oil Pipeline 

A Wall Against the Threshold Of Collapse (Day 20) 


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/14/12 - 

Video: TransCanada Denying Food and Water to Peaceful Blockaders (Day 21) 

Guest Post: The New York Times Got It Wrong With the Tar Sands Blockade 

more info from that day on twitter:  


10/15/12 -  news bulletin is

10/15/12 - 

news bulletin is at the bottom of this next item:

BREAKING: Over 50 Enter Tree Blockade in Defiance of Police Repression to Defend Tree-Sitters 

more coverage today from Amy Goodman and Democracy Now (video and transcript):

Texas Landowners Join Environmentalists for Historic Blockade of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

A standoff is underway in Texas over construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which would run oil from the Canadian tar sands fields to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. In a protest now entering its fourth week, dozens of environmental activists working with local Texas landowners have blocked the pipeline’s path with tree sits and other nonviolent protests. We speak to Susan Scott, who owns land where the pipeline will run; actress Daryl Hannah, who was arrested there last week and has long been active in protests against the pipeline; and Tar Sands Blockade coalition spokesperson Ron Seifert.


more info from that day on twitter:  


more newspaper and web

more newspaper and web coverage:

10/10/12 -

Canada’s Spy Groups Divulge Secret Intelligence to Energy Companies 

10/15/12 -

Keystone XL pipeline opponents turn to civil disobedience 


10/16/12 -

new video added to yesterday's post showing the 50 new volunteers, probably fresh out of the Direct Action Training Camp (Oct 12-14) this past weekend, in action at the blockade:

BREAKING: Over 50 Enter Tree Blockade in Defiance of Police Repression to Defend Tree-Sitters 

WOW !!!


MrsBJLee's picture




10/14/12 -  Steve

10/14/12 - 

Great interview w Ron Seifert of  by  on  -- skip ahead to minute 43!   

Hey! The  Tree Village has prevented tar sands pipeline construction for the last three weeks. And that is AWESOME.  


10/15/12 - 

Tree Blockade Mass Action - photo gallery from the day the 50 new volunteers arrived: 

link to make donations for the cause ... for supplies, bail money, legal defense, etc:

Chris Hedges: Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline  via    


 live today from API in DC at 12 noon.     

2 blockaders lock down to construction equipment to protect Tree Village   

Now this is how you protest a pipeline: RT  Second blockader now being held by police    

"We're here to defend our homes and stand w/ indigenous ppl against toxic " on megaphone.    


Over 50 Enter Tree Blockade in Defiance of Police Repression to Defend Tree-Sitters    

Solidarity rally at the American Petroleum Institute in DC beginning now!   

6 blockaders have been arrested so far in TX as the DC solidarity rally with around 100 people begins    

I'm in a standoff with cops/TransCanada. Amazing the protection and power the tree sit brings to the ground.  


RT : Dozens outside API in solidarity w/. "Yes We Will Stop The Pipeline"   


"We want clean energy from  to " - in solidarity with right now!    


TODAY: Nat'l Day of Action against ALL Pipelines!! Join , Rude Mechanical Orchestra & Rev Billy Choir at 5pm at Washington & Gansevoort 


BREAKING: Confirmed TransCanada's thugs threw a 70 yo Cherokee woman to the ground & jump on top of her   vid soon 

4pm NO  in TEXAS! Rally for the . Texas State Capitol south gates. Bring signs, noisemakers.  ALERT  


Got word of  actions 4  in  2day:30 est and Austin  cst follow  and  4 info 


Sheriff forcing   across street.  (live at 

10 arrested at KXL blockade in TX, bail money would be useful because that's what movements do    


SLAPP Suit, "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation" Used against activist  and others  


Solidarity from MA! Banner display in front of TransCanada's Westborough, MA office.     


Guess what? We're getting sued! Apparently we're delaying KXL and  doesn't appreciate it    


" is working! We will shut down this  fuel industry!"     


6 blockaders have been released w/ tresspassing charges. The 2 that locked down will see a judge in the morning  


RT  Stop the Tarsands Pipeline says Felix! 


6 of 10 arrested are out of jail. Bail was $1,500 each = $9,000 total. Help chip in    


What an epic action day! So much to say, so we'll just let these images do the talking     


First the  and now ! Building up steam to stop the KXL machine.     


Great pix from today's Tar Sands Blockades!    


Today's Show:  on workplace political intimidation; Obama & Romney stalk voters online;  heats up


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/16/12 -   Tar Sands

10/16/12 -  

VIDEO: Must watch intense footage of yesterday's huge action   


local tv coverage: 

Our own  speaks with local TV media at action!  Pipeline protests continue in Wood County  


So good! the  is in the : "The logical thing to do was to rise up and protect your homes"  


Awesome  mini tree-sit and banner drop outside offices     


Keystone blockaders get their hands dirty in biggest protest yet   


New American Heroes. No Keystone Pipeline. Not now, Not ever.      


Romney: "we're gonna bring that pipeline down from Canada" : "you shall not pass"   


Guess there's a  tonight. Rly want to ask Romney if he can drive a feller buncher. Join us in TX to say   


Sick of debates? Watch this badass  action video again and you'll feel better:   



more info from that day on twitter:  



  Tar Sands


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL. 

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands  


10/16/12 -

 thanks for the follow! we could use some humor after that 


March against Spectra pipeline In solidarity with the brave souls in TX blocking the tars sands pipeline   

video from that tweet: 

Resist all Pipelines at the Spectra Pier, Manhattan, Oct 15, 2012 


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/17/12 -

 whistleblower forces govt regulators to investigate pipeline practices    

article on that link: 

Whistleblower forced investigation of TransCanada pipeline 

"We leave  with friends still sitting in tree tops. With  of 1000s reverberating."   

article on that link:
After Summer of Solidarity climate actions, push begins for an Autumn of Unity 

Care 2 support our continued coverage of the  It looks like we're staying.   


TransCanada messes with Texas, and Texans fight back:  Shoulda seen this one coming, y'all. 

link for that tweet:

Texas landowners take a rare stand against Big Oil 


TransCanada’s police abuse peaceful blockader. A 1st hand account of Monday's arrest.  

the page on the above link is also on the following tweets:

"Underneath their dedication to law written and manipulated by the wealthy, there's a sense of understanding"  

BREAKING: Two arrests of sitters at the Tree Blockade. More updates as they come.     

Two arrests of sitters at tree blockade after mass action to re-supply on Mon   

Blockade remains occupied by other sitters  


“We’re concerned about the blockade. No question about it. Do u think the protests will keep growing?" -  

link for that tweet: 

Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sand 


more info from that day on twitter:  


There has been an effort to

There has been an effort to get a pipeline built from the tar sands fields in Alberta to the western Canadian coast, as this article from today outlines:

It's time B.C. took a deep breath of pipeline issue 


News from Canada that makes

News from Canada that makes the Keystone XL pipeline in the US look even less safe: 


MrsBJLee's picture
Thank you for all your

Thank you for all your efforts to keep us posted on what is happening there in Texas! I think we need to start CALLING the media. Apparently tweets and emails are not doing enough to get them to cover the story! SHAME ON THEM!

10/18/12 - Tar Sands

10/18/12 -

"I found myself...on a truck, tying off a banner to the the rig in a blur of cops and cameras"    

title for the link on that tweet:

Re-claiming the Tree Blockade from TransCanada – One Blockaders Story (Day 25)


Note - the tweets below contain links for some more well deserved press coverage (don't have time right now to extract them): 

TransCanada Whistleblower Confirms Why His Company Can't Be Trusted On Pipeline Safety     


"The biggest protest that the nation hasn't heard of"   via   


These Two Were Tasered, Choked and Pepper Sprayed for Protesting   Help me and my camera get there

Existing Keystone pipeline temporarily shutdown due to safety issues   via   

article on that link:

TransCanada temporarily shuts Keystone pipeline 

RT  "Former TransCanada engineer warns of widespread safety violations" -     -   


more info from that day on twitter:  


MrsBJLee's picture
This pipeline if I am not

This pipeline if I am not mistaken has crude running through it. I don't believe it's the same as what they want to run through the Keystone XL. That has to be a pretty long stretch of pipeline if it runs between Missouri and Illinois!

"TransCanada reported to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration that they have shut down their existing Keystone system pipeline to make repairs in areas where required integrity tests identified possible safety issues," Layson said in an email.

She said the possible problems were located on the stretch of pipeline that extends between Missouri and Illinois.

Read more:

MrsBJLee's picture
I just sent email requests to

I just sent email requests to NBC, CBS and CNN and provided some info and video links asking them to COVER THIS STORY!

Please do the same. There is also FOX NEWS and others. Please email them and give them video links! Tell them you are outraged that this is not being covered!

10/19/12 -  Tar Sands

10/19/12 - 

Local landowner describes blockade organizers as "absolutely delightful"   <3


TransCanada Temporarily Closes Keystone Pipeline Over "Safety Issues."  

In depth article on blockade organizing and landowner resistence to the  via   


Front Page Fort Worth : "Texas Landowners Take a Stand Against Pipeline"   

Fantastic  piece in : A must read for anybody who's curious about what's going on! 


What Fascism Looks Like: TransCanada and Brutality in East Texas via 


TransCanada labels 72 yo great-grandmother "eco-terrorist" after arresting her on her own land via  


Over 4000 people have pledged to civil disobedience to in Canada:  Join and make history.

 wanted to bring this article to your attention "I'm no eco-terrorist" 


The friends in Texas have some on the ground need some supplies. You can help the -rs! 




more info from that day on twitter:  


harry ashburn
harry ashburn's picture
Oct. 20 update from the

Oct. 20 update from the Atlantic !

10/16/12 -  350 dot

10/16/12 - 

FACT CHECK: Keystone XL won't lower gas prices one cent.   

article on that link:

Keystone XL Gas Price Myth Busted


10/18/12 - 

Best account yet of KXL TX blockade, in Ft. Worth paper--in depth and highly detailed  


10/20/12 -

some more good press coverage today:


Farmer's markets, knitting circles and the Tar Sands Blockade  via  

article on that link:

Keystone XL pipeline brings out the protest in locals,0,1638530.story


"If I lived anywhere near Texas right now, I would join these amazing people I’m about to tell you about"   

article on that link:

Support the Tar Sands Blockade!


Austin American  Editorial: Respect landowners’ Keystone fight    

article on that link:

Respect landowners’ Keystone fight 


Photos of land destruction in Alberta from Keystone Pipeline construction    

article on that link:

Once this landscape was a pristine wilderness roamed by deer now it's 'the most destructive industrial project on earth'  


more info from that day on twitter:  


10/21/12 - Defend Our

10/21/12 -

Not able to come to Vic or the 57 communities across BC? Here's how to follow along & help grow the mvmt:  

link on that tweet:



This is what Grass Roots Resistance Looks Like!       


Before & After: , Alberta, Canada Destroying the Earth to Profit the Wealthy     


Sending our  to our brothers and sisters with  for tomorrow's civil disobedience in Canada.   


Wow, huge news. The # of communities organizing solidarity events on Wed is now 60 STRONG! This is the unbroken wall of opposition. 


Why I'm standing up to TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline in east Texas | Daryl Hannah   via   

article on that link:

Why I'm standing up to TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline in east Texas 

Great visual of the export Keystone XL pipeline via 


Your work is spreading waves all over BC! Check this round-up local media. And we haven't even started yet!  


TransCanada delays Keystone restart to Monday due to remaining safety concerns    

article on that link:

TransCanada delays Keystone restart to Monday 


"Environmental and social impacts threaten the long-term viability of the tar sands as an investment.”    

article on that link:

Investor group says oil sands industry must cut environmental risks 


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL. 

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands  


10/22/12 -  more outside

10/22/12 - 

more outside press coverage ... it was slow to start, but has become more steady.  some of these are from a few days earlier:

More than just tree huggers - The York Daily Record   via 


Keystone XL pipeline blockaders face arrests, lawsuits in Texas  


Editorial:  too costly to move forward   via   

article on that link (in this editorial the Texas Land Commissioner actually parrots Romney's line that this pipeline “will create thousands of jobs and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.”):

Keystone pipeline would be very costly

Protesters locked to Department of Environment and Natural Resources of NC live    


Texans embarrassed by Land Commissioner's op-ed on blockade/environmentalists   

link on that tweet is a response to the above editorial: 

State land commissioner Jerry Patterson’s screed against environmentalists is an embarrassment to Texas 


Looks like there could already be over 1000 folks here to . Check out this great banner:   


Images from 'the most destructive industrial project on earth'     

just in case you missed these "can't miss" pictures from an earlier entry ... shocking! : 


Have you seen our Flickr feed recently? Great pics from all of our actions 


Texas Land Commissioner calls us "eco-anarchists" and gets slammed by press   

Jerry Patterson Doesn’t Speak for Texas Landowners (Day 29) 


"No damn way. Enbridge go home."~ Grand Chief Philip     

this link is for a Canadian TV news report on a protest against the proposed 1100 km Enbridge Northern Gateway tarsands pipeline project to the coast: 


Solidarity shout out to our friends  stopping  in Canada  


The crowd looks beautiful from this angle. Thousands are here to say no to pipelines and   


"As 'land commissioner,' I would have hoped for a person who respects the land and Texas values and culture"  


MT : Speaker: "Who is going lay down in front of the bulldozers?" Crowd response: "We will!"    


. at : "We stand in solidarity with allies in Texas! ... You shall not pass!" Yes! Solidarity! 


Meet the Treehouse-Dwelling Protesters of the Keystone Pipeline - Julie Dermansky - The Atlantic   


Chilling at a community BBQ w/ our local landowner allies. Check out this tasty spread  


Blockaders & locals throwing marshmallows at TV every time candidates tout  


"project military power overseas" = lots of marshmallows thrown at TV.  


Questions you won't hear in the : what about  science? when will you  ? will you give back your  ?


Candidates support for  drawing a barrage of marshmallows from crowd.  


Why ? b/c public officials are writing stuff like this about  protestors   via 


This  is the "height of silliness."  


"This has been the best  ever!" - Texas landowner. 


"I sure am encouraged by the notion of y'all young folks down here working for a better world." -TX Landowner.   


RT : Huge Protest Today Against Canadian Tar Sands Pipelines -   


 Oh hello Mr Patterson! Loved the op-ed <3 Can we get a follow?  


Hi night owls! If you missed the action in Victoria today, we have a nice play by play of the key moments:  


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands


10/23/12 -  more good press

10/23/12 - 

more good press coverage on the links in these tweets:


Maude Barlow's statement at  in Canada, landlock the tar sands!   solidarity 


 "Don't tread on me!" doesn't mean "steal my land and give it to profiteering corporations"   


Very proud of the work my students did on their "Pipeline Monologue Projects."     


As cynical as I am, this is jaw-dropping: "Climate Change Not Mentioned In Pres Debates For First Time In Generation"  


 no one knew the Keystone XL is being put in the ground until we took to the Ewok direct action defense.   


Landowners and activists fight against the Keystone XL in Texas   


Thanks  for all your hard work to stop  pipelines-stand with   to fight them at their source  


Badass beetles delay Keystone XL construction in OK    


MT : First Nation Presents Legal challenge of Shell’s Tar Sands Expansion along with Allies   


George occupying spectra pipeline right now!     


Landowners and Activists Unite for Stand Against U.S. Courts, Keystone Pipeline.  


Great pic from yesterday's  rally, cant wait for tomorrow's action   via  


Banner drop against the Tar Sands in Vancouver by Rising Tide     



Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands 



MrsBJLee's picture




10/24/12 -  Lots going on

10/24/12 - 

Lots going on today, including the one month anniversary of the tree blockade ... this may take a while to read through, even more than yesterday.  I've only had time to glance at a few of the articles myself the last two days ... how's this video for a starting point?


Video: Planetary Service Announcement (Day 30) 

web site mentioned in video: 


George, the Caterpillar Slayer   


One month of resistance to the Keystone XL in Texas  


BREAKING: Gulf Coast mother Cherri Foytlin chains self to  pipeyard gate     


6 trucks delayed from KXL pipeyard b/c Cherri locked to gate   


2 sheriffs threatening to cut Cherri from KXL pipeyard gate   


TransCanada workers now threatening to cut Cherri's chain w/ grinder    


Cherri arrested after locking herself to  pipeyard gate   


One month of resistance to the Keystone XL in Texas -   | 


 thanks for shout out. Got someone locked down right now    


PHOTO: "Defend All Coasts" from B.C. to Gulf Coast    


Celebrate 1 month of the tree blockade!   


 solidarity action in Texas! From Gulf Coast to B.C., y'all.    


On My Arrest at the Tar Sands Blockade by Cherri Foytlin   


 from Gulf Coast to  to TX Cherri's taking action to stop    


Gulf Coast Mother Cherri Foytlin Chains Self to   Pipeyard Gate:  


Wife of Gulf Coast Oilfield Worker Chains Herself to Keystone XL Pipeyard Gate -     


Great message of solidarity from our allies in Texas on the Keystone XL blockade: 


Donate to Cherri's Texas bail fund for her action to    


VIDEO: Why We Blockade with  from the Gulf Coast    


The day-by-day story of an entire month in the trees  


PHOTO: Long line of TransCanada's  trucks that Cherri delayed    


Woman Arrested Blocking Trucks for "Pipeline of Death"     


Hey  -  has some messages for the folks in the trees from : 


“This pipeline is a project of death." -   


SLAPPed, Arrested, Deemed Eco-Terrorists:  Blockaders Persevere     


Canadians effectively cutting off the  tentacles    


VIDEO: "To everyone surviving . We will find justice." -   


Thank you to  for this uplifting video: To the Keystone XL blockaders, love from Canada:  


*** check out the article on this next one: ***

That's the idea RT : Canadians effectively cutting off the  tentacles    


Quality concerns arose before TransCanada pipeline blast only 6 months after it went into service   


What Wood County Officials Are Saying About the Tar Sands Blockade  via  


 says , too! From BC to the GC:! No !   


. marks 1 mo anniversary of tree sit with action to stop pipe shipments:  Gums up trucks for hours. 


VIDEO: Solidarity from Pacific Coast of Canada to Gulf Coast of Texas    


"I had an amazing conversation with Inspector Hearsh (local DA office). He spoke to me for about a half hour."  


Beautiful! Up In The Trees:     


Tree Blockade Sustains an Entire Month of Resistance!  via    


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands 


10/25/12 - Tar Sands

10/25/12 -

Fishing For Blankets at the Tar Sands Blockade: 


Tar Sands: A disaster at both ends and dirty in between   


RT : Solidarity w/ Tar Sands Blockade 10th Action!   RT ...


How to create a multi-level movement for    


MT : CBC obtains internal memo issued by TransCanada CEO which acknowledged problems with Keystone  


: What Wood County Officials Are Saying About the . TransCanada hires off duty Cops  


What do u do when  fraudulently steals your land to destroy it? BUILD A WALL   


MT : From North To South, Activists Fight Pipelines   


RT : Land commmissioner: time for protestors to leave treehouse---(how's that workin out for y'all?) 


How YOU can help the  from anywhere in the Country:        


  there are many roles for all different types of ppl, join us in TX!  


“I Ain’t Collateral Damage. I am Somebody”     


2 more join tree blockade!   


RT  From North To South, Activists Fight Tar Sands Pipelines 

  we'll do our best. It'd be easier if we had a time and # , Internet spotty in ETX


VIDEO: Never before seen footage from the tree blockade  


“I’ve stopped pipelines before." - Cat, who joined tree blockade today  


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! Go Cat and Jerry! RT : 2 more join tree blockade!   


2 blockaders avoid 24h private security, police, flood lights to join friends in tree blockade  


VIDEO: Texas gives a rowdy shout in memory of     


ICYMI - Yesterday marked 1 month of tree blockade. Read the day-by-day    


In public, TransCanada calls Keystone a state of the art pipeline. In private, they worry about it exploding:  

article on that link:

Quality concerns arose before TransCanada pipeline blast


Take back the commons!  from the trees   


Tar Sands Blockade: One Month Anniversary of What TX Official Labels ‘Eco-Anarchists’ (VIDEO)  


Local Residents Bring Pipeline Fight to the Pumps    



Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands  


10/26/12 - Tar Sands

10/26/12 -

"After reading about the pipeline uproar I decided to take a trip to East Texas myself and view firsthand" 


Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change


Gaza Flotilla and anti-war activist Ann Wright visits the tree blockade 


MT : Check out this gorgeous, inspiring photos of the Tar Sands Blockade. Star Wars level stuff.  


VIDEO: Rallies, lockdowns, banner hangs, and arrests. All new footage from Oct 15th mass action  


"This mama is not going to stop protecting her cubs, no matter what it takes." -    


Texas  Protests Show No Sign of Abating as Arrest Tally Hits 32, my piece today on   




TX  Protests Show No Sign of Abating as Arrest Tally Hits 32   via 


RT : "Green " ?! Think I'm going to be sick  


Texas Tar Sands, Foreclosure Forts, and Pay to Play via  network 




 thanks for the follow!  


"A shout out to the ppl in trees, risking arrest, putting their lives on the line in TX"  via  


Still trying to get myself to Texas to  you the story from the front lines of  !Please support! RT


 and  report on Enbridge's eastern gambit.   


Texas Keystone XL Protests Show No Sign of Abating as Arrest Tally Hits 32  via    


RT : M Barlow announced 2 additions to the blockade last night in Burnaby, packed gym erupted in applause - thx for your work!


Need for Keystone XL Shrinking as Industry Looks to Export US Crude      


 standing in solidarity w/ indigenous communities and the blockade in TX at  


Energy News: US' First Tar Sands Project Given Green Light, Keystone XL Blockade Enters Second Month 


Packed house at our community panel  


"We can likely landlock the  in Alberta if we stop KXL" -Blockaders on community panel. 


50+ ppl at our community panel. G'roots organizing is foundational for direct action.  


"TransCanada admits that their own 'safety' systems can't detect leaks below 5% of their capacity." 

" contains some of the most toxic chemicals on earth. Impacts on Houston refinery communities is stark." 


"There are over 50 sq miles of toxic sludge ponds in Alberta that cause cancer in indigenous communities." 


"They say this is 'safest pipeline ever built' but Keystone has already leaked 100% more than they said it would." 


"They split KXL project in 2 b/c they knew they could rubber stamp the Southern segment here in TX." 


"The only local jobs  has created here is paying off our local police." - Local woman in crowd. 


"I'm real worried. Our Fire Dept here isn't ready to deal with a  spill." - East Texan. 


"None of our actions would be possible w/o the yrs of community organizing y'all have done here in East Texas." 


Crowd gives a round of applause for the panel of Blockaders and pledges their support. 


 interview w/ Jill Stein "Ppl do have power. Occupy, the eviction blockades, the keystone blockade, the CTU"


Maude Barlow now giving great shout out from Canada to the keystone blockade in TX   


Time fer a good ole Texas hoedown, Blockade style


more to come


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands  

thought this one rates a

thought this one rates a little exposure of it's own:

MrsBJLee's picture



MrsBJLee's picture




10/26/12 - Sherwin

10/26/12 -

"Radicals are oil companies willing to change the chemical composition of the atmosphere for profit." 


10/27/12 -

   From barricades to blockades, arm in arm we protect the land.


Why oppose ??..:  


"The Oil Industry has already shown us they are willing to risk the Habitability of the Planet in Pursuit of Profit." - Naomi Klein 


Imagining the  at the Tree Village right now with  in bright lights


VIDEO: Speaking Truth to Power From the Trees (Day 34) 


VIDEO: “I’m scared everyday out here...courage is about how you respond to your fear"    


VIDEO: “Love is abt taking actions to protect and defend people that you love. That’s why I’m out here.”  


VIDEO: A voice from the trees speaking w/ love, honesty, humanity, and humor.  


Now hearing from Brian from TEJAS about the objections to   


A tree blockader who has been in the trees from day one tells their side of things  


: Who Benefits? An Investigation of Foreign Investments    



Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands  



10/26/12 -  Earth

10/26/12 - 

"We are all going to win on this thing," says one protestor, speaking in support of the pipeline blockaders.  


10/28/12 - 

A message from Chickadee, the only  who has been in the trees since day one of the blockade. 


Delivering the Keystone XL "Open Letter" to another Colorado Obama campaign office...   


RT  Some serious truth descending from the trees in Texas here! My hero <3  


Well, thank heaven! Stock exchange will open tomorrow! All is well!


As Canadians Protest Tar Sands, Texas Tree Blockaders Get the Run-Around from TransCanada  via  


Day 35: "I decided I would do all that I could to stop this massacre. A few days later, I left for Texas."  


Diary of a tree blockader   


It's 2:30 in the morning... do you know where your elected officials stand on climate change?  wants to know:


so this hottest year ever for u.s. has also seen the hottest month, and now the biggest storm, and the weirdest heatwave. wonder what's up.


"We do what we can, these times are dark. Fear aside, I still harbor much hope." Blockader diary  


news about my neck of the woods:

Hurricane Sandy just declared the largest tropical cyclone ever recorded:  thx 


UPDATE:  East Coast List | To find Shelter and School Closures in your state, here: Also (cont)


To all of our friends on the East Coast, stay safe.  storm tracker: 


Thanks, guys.  Wish us luck.  From the sound of the last forecast, I would not be surprised if we lost power here over night, an outage that could last up to a week (as it did for some after the windstorm the last weekend in June).  If you don't see updates here, just click on the links below, and others from the beginning of this topic to see whats happening.  Just remember, twitter reads backwards ... newest messages on top, older below.  page down to a point where you want to begin, then read upwards to get the messages in chronological order.


more to come


Tar Sands Blockade


Texas landowners and activists using non-violent direct action to halt Keystone XL.   

#NoKXL #ClimateSOS #TarSands