Leonard Pitts: "The miracle of Malala Yousafzai against Taliban in Pakistan" ... "I am not here to tell you God’s will."

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Leonard Pitts's of The Miami Herald writes about the shooting of and recovery of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for supporting the right to an education for girls and women in her country.

The column expands beyond that particular case to discuss some other actions people take or things people say in the name of religion:

Take it all as a stark reminder that too often, people who speak glibly of the will of God really describe no will higher than their own. They presume to interpret God like tarot cards or the stock market, forgetting that God is sovereign and does not need their help. He is a big God. He can speak for Himself.

The miracle of Malala Yousafzai against Taliban in Pakistan


Freedom of religion has and must continue to also include freedom from religion for those that do not believe, or believe in a different god than you do.


Malala - Pakistani girl shot

Malala - Pakistani girl shot by Taliban - is released from hospital


Tentative steps: Pakistani girl shot by Taliban leaves hospital to live with family in UK

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Terrible tragedy that befell

Terrible tragedy that befell that girl. Now think how many young children continue to be murdered nearly every day on the orders of the Nobel Peace Laureate Obama... and the hundreds of thousands who have been murdered since the illegal/immoral wars based on LIES began....

Yes, we should connect Sandy

Yes, we should connect Sandy Hook and drones.  We should be able to honor courage and martyrdom without having our moral compass peg.  I hate the fucking Taliban who attack women.  I don't excuse them for their culture of patriarchy or even for the occupation by the Great Satan.  It goes both ways.

The fact that we should never have gone to war in the name of 9/11 is the context in which such innocents and bravehearts pay the price for warmongers and geopoliticalists does make all that follows downside.  Obama did not ask for the Nobel.  Dubya earned it for him the old fashioned way.  We do not need to obscure the meaning in the hyperbole.  The Praetorian Guard and various legions loyal to various power camps do not bring peace.  Instead of seeking to connect in empathy with the victims of our bombs, and rather than be corrected by their ancient identity, we put on the blinders of exceptionalism and allow dogma to hold heresy trials.

Malala Yousafzai up for Nobel

Malala Yousafzai up for Nobel Peace Prize

I think Malala deserves consideration for this award, unlike the EU (the 2012 winner).  Also unlike the current president, who I feel was awarded the prize partly on his "tear down this dictator" speech in Cairo (that many credit with helping to plant the seeds of the Arab Spring), and in anticipation of what the board thought he might do (end Bush's two wars), rather than on actual accomplishments.

That 2009 Peace Prize looked a lot like giving someone the rookie of the year award a few games into the sports season, and makes as little sense as those pre-season polls in college football and basketball.


Evidently, the Orwellian

Evidently, the Orwellian "Peace is War"...."War is Peace"  has become standard. Probably Obama should receive another Peace Prize. He's killed enough during his last term to earn another one.

Currently, he's working on a well-deserved third Peace Prize...expanding peace into Pakistan with more drone attacks than ever. "War is Peace".

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2/8/13 -  A step forward:

2/8/13 - 

A step forward: Malala leaves the hospital