Seattle's AM 1090 KPTK will drop progressive radio for sports

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At the end of the year, KPTK AM 1090 will drop progressive radio (Thomm Hartman, Stephanie Miller, Norman Goldman, Ed Schultz, etc) and replace it with sports talk.  Please call the KPTK AM 1090 comment line - 1-877-753-1090  and tell them to keep progressive talk radio.


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Are you serious, that's my

Are you serious, that's my station. They already interupt talk shows for college sports. Just what the world needs is more analysis of sports.

related item from 11/15/12

related item from 11/15/12 -

Wake up Seattle : "ANOTHER progressive station (Seattle 1090) flipping to sports in Jan. 2013?"

Folks, the station owners

Folks, the station owners must feel there is more audience which equals more ads and more profit.  What right do you people have to tell the owners what to do with their property? 

Getting rid of Progressive

Getting rid of Progressive Talk Radio is political.  You can be certain.  I'm still researching the actual owner of AM 1090, and yes, they already own 3 other stations.  This is not about sports.  The owning company is not progressive, and after the election outcome, this is a strategy to suppress the Progressive Voice for the 2014 & 2016 Elections.  This is about corporate power in our government.... Fascism?  This is about controlling the minds of people.  Progressives are smart, thinking people who like to be informed.  We like knowledge.  We like to know the truth.  Progressives are a problem to the ruling rich. 

The owning company already owns too much Media in the Seattle area.  This is a monopoly and against the Anti-Trust laws that Thom says are still on the books.  They need to lose their FCC Broadcasting License!  It is time to make a huge protest, petition, tons of letters to the FCC.  The People own the Airwaves.  It is the Commons.  We must reclaim our Airwaves for the sake of knowing and discussing the truth.

In addition to contacting the FCC in large numbers, it would be smart to find a collective to "take over this Broadcasting License for AM 1090.  How about a "LISTENER-OWNED PROGRESSIVE TALK RADIO STATION" - a Cooperative Company that really is the best business format of the future!

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You can be sure if all those

You can be sure if all those greedy, money grabbing, voter supressing Republican station owners made buckets full of money owning progressive talk stations, they would keep them open and laugh all the way to the bank.  The fact is, nobody listens to them, and high ratings mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I love the listener owned co-op.  Go for it. Get Thom Hartmann to help finance it. Glenn Beck makes hundreds of millions owning his own deal. Plus he employs over 200 people.

Redwing, We haven't talked in


We haven't talked in a short while, but I think you are right!  This thing happening with Progressive programming on stations is quite an opportunity for liberal media to throw off "big media" and form small to medium businesses that can be based on a democratic model of worker/owner/manager relations, perhaps even becoming "non-profit" and taking in tax deductible donations!  Besides, if people really want to practice "truth to power," then getting rid of big media influence by going "small and grassroots" is inevitable.

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The same thing happened with

The same thing happened with a conservative station up in Minnesota. They also went all sports. That news never hit these blogs, but it goes both ways.   Ratings speak volumes.

Nope, while there may be a

Nope, while there may be a revenue question, it is about the expense of local talent plus a basic dislike on the part of the corporados for the lefties.  It does "go both ways" as regards the local talent, but for the propaganda function there are subsidies and other ways to boost that audience ratings, like having all four local stations carry the same talkers.

As to the "sports talk format," just think of how few local voices are required and how cheap any local jock might be for the ego rush of being on the air in his home town.  Low cost, low information and low brow all in one.

Infotainment is what the commercial leftie talk shows engage in.  It is fact based fun to counteract the total ideological reinforcement required by the denial crowd; and it is funny where the other side tends to be mean when they try to joke.  We don't have to invent any wild or weird conspiracies, all we have to do is watch, observe and report the incredible acting out we see.  We could not invent this stuff, believe me.

In the absence of any serious journalism from what passes for "the Media," the only time I ever quote the Palin on "Lamestream," we have to go to the cracks to find good stuff like KBOO and online provide.  It helps to have the MSNBC, radio talkers adding information and fun, and if they have to please a crowd we would prefer wanted a harder diet, it does us some good to be reminded that being first responders has its risks, among them resenting those who were not as prescient and wise.  

Were we talking about ratings and media access, it would be obvious that this is both business as usual and swatting away a troublesome voice.  Two for one.  We need to own our own sticks.

Contact the FCC to protest

Contact the FCC to protest changing Progressive Talk radio for sports, go to: and "Take Action" at the top of page.  Tell everyone everywhere you can think of to petition at - Take Action.

  I worked at WCVB-TV in Boston years ago when they were granted the Broadcasting License that was LOST by WHDH-TV, Channel 5, Boston.  The reason?  FCC ruled that the owners had a monopoly of media in Boston: radio, television, newspaper, etc in multiples.  New owners had to commit to hours and hours of locally produced shows (giving back to the community), and we did it. 

Time to WAKE UP the FCC and insist on breaking up the monopoly in media.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is working on this - "Stop Media Consolidation"-, and Bill Moyers has a special called "Big Media Dumbs Down Democracy"

The timing is HOT to get some attention on Seattle and Portland losing their Progressive Talk radio stations.  This is GOP/Corporate dominance in the market.  This is not equitable listening for the community of listeners.  Ride on the heels of the Rupert Murdock trying to monopolize more major newspapers in the US!

  Enough is ENOUGH!  We have got to say NO!

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I really don't know what I

I really don't know what I will do. I commute from Bellingham to Tulalip daily and have been an avid listener of 1090 since 2007! I start my day off with Stephanie Miller and end my day with either Norman or Randy! All the talk programs helped getting me through the elections! 

Did Portland listeners of their Progressive Radio station do anything to stop the take over? Whatever they tried obviously wasn't enough!

What can we do in WA state to stop this? You right we really have to organize and I will be glad to participate anyway I can!

I heard that Clear Channel (thety have regional office in Seattle) is partially owned by Bain Capital? Is that true? How can we start a Listener Owned Progressive Radio Talk station? Any wealthy progressives in Seattle willing to put up the money?  

Would a onlline petiton help? Could someone create one that we can share on social media! I would, but I believe we need someone who really knows what's going on and how to write the petition. 

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Pravda was the sole news

Pravda was the sole news organ of the former Soviet Union.   The owners of Clear Channel, CBS Corp. and their corporate ilk are hoping for the same mind-numbing monopoly here at home.  It is said that the captive audience of Pravda knew it was propaganda; it would be good if that claim could be made here at home, but it is hard to go a week without having to listen to a coworker or family member spout Rushbo talking points like they were arcane truths.

It is good that we can still access progressive talk on a few smaller stations.  They need to be supported with dollars, either through sponsorship or donations so this will continue, but still the loss of the high-wattage broadcasters is a serious silencing of constuctive public discourse that will only be remedied by the repeal of Title 3 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

There is nothing to prevent a media giant from replacing a successful progressive format with the most abject drivel (as has happened to Portland's KPOJ).  If a formerly-successful station loses money, Clear Channel or CBS can claim a loss which it can use to launder tax monies away from the U.S. Treasury.  It is a win/win for the ownership.


Seattle, Baltimore, and

Seattle, Baltimore, and Abilene are among about 100 stations just converted to CBS Sports:

Abilene FM station drops ESPN Radio, now broadcasting CBS Sports Radio

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miike wrote: CBS SUCKS My

miike wrote:


My "take":

I was glad when Jim Rome left the Baltimore market on ESPN radio ... never liked his b.s. act since he pulled that stunt with Jim Everett. Back then, Rome was a nobody, and as far as I'm concerned, has always been a nobody.

His time slot on CBS radio is definitely a period when I will be somewhere else!

Stephanie Miller said this

Stephanie Miller said this morning the show will be back on in Seattle beginning Monday 1/7/13, with the whole show airing on a three hour delay:

"Hey Seattle / Tacoma! Beginning Monday, you can hear us on KLAY-AM 1180 from 9am to Noon Seattle time! Check it!!"

KLAY 1180 AM Talk Radio |