Is there bigger fish to fry than the Koch`s Bro's? What about the American Warlords?(Military Industrial Complex)

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 The Koch Bro's,  corrupt our political democracy and pollute the eco-system, that`s bad, what can be worser?  Somebody that corrupt world politics and pollute the world with death weapons. There is only one candidate for this position, the one that President Eisenhower warn the country & world about, "the Military Industrial Complex". They are the Koch`s bigger brother,if we going to solve the "WHY CAN`T WE GET ALONG" problem, we need to go to the "ROOT"!   The demon baby NRA say,"We need a good man with a gun to counter a bad man with a gun",only weapon makers could come up with that old western cowboy logic. The War-lords(1%) get two birds with this, "the natives get restless start a war" and "sell weapons to both sides"!  99% we keep playing the "divide & conquer", there is only one winner, and you can bet it`s not you or me! WE CAN GET ALONG, WHEN WE SEE THE "ROOT"!   If the NRA was civilize, they would say,  "ONE LESS GUN WOULD LEAD TO LESSER GUNS"!  But who say the NRA is civilize? The WarLords.(survival of the fittest/ dog eat dog)   


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Bigger fish? The Carlyle

Bigger fish? The Carlyle Group.

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They don`t get much

They don`t get much bigger,they need exposure like the "Koch's". What they say about putting a "face" to a problem?