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Wow! I'm impressed! Now that's sending a message! Click on the link to see the video! Almost forgot to mention, the University of Vermont also has banned single use water bottles on campus! Hope it's a trend. Oh...the only exception is emergency water.


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It's a good start but it's

It's a good start but it's still ridiculous that it exists in the first place. Let alone is allowed to continue. As if our health is measured against their profits as to what is considered good or what is considered bad. Hemp has more cellulose than trees and none of the sulfur fossil fools spew. Hemp plastic (cellophane) biodegrades and yet it has been banned for farmers to grow. Congress would rather import OPEC for our eventual trash packaging and bottles. As they subsidize the crude oil plastic that lasts pretty near forever and accumulates in the oceans.  I don't believe this species intends to stay here very long. I'm actually surprised sometimes that we've lasted this long.

or Fossil Fools Crud...

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We also need a replacement

We also need a replacement for styrofoam.

I have mixed feelings about

I have mixed feelings about these bans on single use plastic bottles.

A deposit on each single use bottle large enough to motivate the buyer to return the bottle for recycling may be enough incentive for people to not throw it away.  Yeah, some people always fuss and moan about deposits or bottle taxes, but the deposits do drive up recycling.  Anyone willing to waste gas driving miles out of their way to buy the products somewhere that does not have the recycling deposit in the price is not environmentally conscious anyhow, and will not come around until some Sandy-type disaster hits them or their family or their neighborhood. 

from the linked article above:

The Town of Concord's website describes the bylaw, stating "It shall be unlawful to sell non-sparkling, unflavored drinking water in single-serving polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles of 1 liter (34 ounces) or less in the Town of Concord on or after January 1, 2013." There is an exemption for an "emergency adversely affecting the availability and/or quality of drinking water to Concord residents."

I had not heard of the hemp-based plastic DdC mentioned, but have previously heard of plastics made with oil substitutes such as corn.  The corn based plastic products and styrofoam should be clearly labeled to alert people who are allergic to corn.  I know of a woman that has this allergy; I do not recall if people more sensitive to corn than her suffer to the degree that peanut allergy victims do, though.


more on peanut allergy and corn allergy .

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Have you heard about Henry

Have you heard about Henry Ford's HEMP PLASTIC CAR? Watch the quick video about it.


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I guess Thom missed this

I guess Thom missed this message too.

the town's web page

the town's web page containing the law:


SueN : Now they are spamming

SueN :

Now they are spamming threads about plastic water bottles to post job training info? 

I don't see the relationship between ultrasound techs and water bottle bans.  Maybe I would if i were a repub? :shock:

'Love the vikings singing in the background "Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam."'

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There does not have to be any

There does not have to be any relationship - they simply want Google to see their post, multiplied across the web, and think 'wow, what a popular link this is'.

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We have a deposit on plastic

We have a deposit on plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The small bottles is about 18 cents, big ones go 25 for 1 liter, about 50 cents for 2 ltr, glass bottles are 25 cents for .33 ltr 15 cents for .5 ltr cans .5 ltr bottles are about the same as .33 ltr.

We also use a carbonator and the plastic bottles that take the pressure never wear out, and the water is from the tap.