Bariatric Surgery Doesn't Cut Medical Costs

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"Study disputes long-term medical savings from bariatric surgeryA study finds that bariatric surgery did not reduce patients' medical costs over the six years after the operation, dashing hopes that the procedure could cut expenses for obese patients."


Sorry people, you'll have to

Sorry people, you'll have to go to the link for the full article. For some reason, the site spam filter blocked it when I posted the whole article.

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Another poorly designed

Another poorly designed study... though I'm no fan of bariatric surgery for the majority of people who are morbidly obese...

It's been a boon for Allergan

It's been a boon for Allergan and their Lap Band. I worked with a guy who had the surgery in 2005. He was going back monthly for oozing from his stitches. He had perpetual diarrea. And he started putting the weight back on. He would buy the same big burrito as before and just eat it over a 2 hour period. Perhaps surgery without behavior modification isn't a good idea.