California's Monterey Shale, the Next Oil Boom?

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Accessing the oil will require hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, and even then it may be too expensive to be economical. Oil companies are quietly buying up mineral rights and drilling holes in the earth northwest of Bakersfield to see if they can get lucky.

Isn't that just great?


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Well I guess it's time to

Well I guess it's time to move out of California. When they make the shale into swiss cheese California will surely drop into the ocean! LOL I just had to say that.

On the serious side I have been saying all along we should BAN FRACKING NATIONWIDE because I knew it was a matter of time that it would be here on a full scale.

I worry daily about all that is going on. All I know is that I cannot allow myself to become comfortably numb.

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Are you referring to the

Are you referring to the MSNBC page that I linked? I have ad-blocker on my web browser so I don't see any ads. I referred to this article because I am 100% against fracking and I wanted to expose what they are up to.

Maybe I should just stick to chemtrails, huh?

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ABCee it has nothing to do

ABCee it has nothing to do with what you linked. I am also 100% against fracking and have been calling for a nationwide ban for quite some time now.

You're add blocker must be working but I know others must see the adds that are apprearing RIGHT IN OUR THREADS and they just started recently. Right now there is a nursing school add under your original posting<<< just incase you don't see it. Under other topics there are add's for jobs in the oil industry and others regarding mineral rights! I don't know if this is a joke and the site is getting hacked or if this is something we now have to live with. I hope not. Sorry if you thought I was addressing that to you. I was hoping the website administration would see it.

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Here is your chance to get

Here is your chance to get involved if you're in California.

“Discussion draft” hydraulic fracturing regulations released; second public workshop scheduled March 13 in Bakersfield


The Department of Conservation/Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources on December 18, 2012 released a “discussion draft” of regulations for the oil and natural gas production technique known as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). What does “discussion draft” mean? It means that this version does not begin the formal rulemaking process. Instead, it is a starting point for discussion by key stakeholders – industry, the environmental community, other regulators, and interested members of the public – in preparation for the more formal process. These “discussion draft” regulations include provisions for pre-fracturing well testing; advance notification; monitoring during and after fracturing operations; disclosure of materials used in fracturing fluid; trade secrets; and storage and handling of hydraulic fracturing fluids.


The Department will conduct the second stakeholder workshop to receive input on the “discussion draft” regulations on March 13, 2013. The meeting will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Four Points Sheraton, 5101 California Avenue, Bakersfield, 93309. At least one additional workshop will be held, in Sacramento, with the date, time and location to be announced soon. The actual “discussion draft regulations” and other material can be found on the Department’s home page,



We just need to reduce our

We just need to reduce our use of oil and gas. Once the demand dries up, it will stop I promiss.

For few fistful of dollars, the greedy under the guise of providing what the masses want, will ruin the planet. I guess the one who dies with most toys win is what some are playing.

Complaining is one thing. Lets do something to reduce the demand!! Go solar, use solar water heater, walk, bike, live closer to work not farther (some in California are commuting nearly 100 miles one way!! Stupid? absolutely!!) Stop driving a hog! There is so much we can do to reduce the demand.

And with it, there will be less of demand by the greedy to go fracking everywhere.

Did you know that we use something around 30% more energy in our kitchen then even 20 years ago. Can't find the reference right now... And that kitchen uses nearly 40% of our home power. Are you watching big screen TV? If its plasma you are using lots of power. Even LCD TV are using lots of power.

The greedy who want to drill/frack are just fulfilling your need and desire. They are doing the dirty work you find very objectionable. They are an agent of your desire.

and oh yes, I would like to see a permanent ban on fracking!!

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I wish that were true but

I wish that were true but take for instance COAL....the demand is decreasing because we are shutting down coal fired plants so they keep taking the coal out of the ground but now it's going on ships to China.

Same with fracking for natural gas. It will be on ships to somewhere too.....just watch.

Unfortunately your comment is

Unfortunately your comment is so true Mrs BJLee. But think if we can cutout majority of natural gas in US, there will be just that much less fracking needed!!  and that much less of oil drilling in dangerous places such as in the deep waters of arctic.

And can you imagine how many more moutains would have been stripped if we did not stop the coal fired power plants. (I could never have imagined that human race could "top off" mountains. Strip the tops of mountain to get to the coal).

We need to be like the Germans and invest in solar to remove our demand for natural gas. This will slow down fracking. And we will worry  about exporting it on another day.


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I just read this..... In

I just read this.....

In keeping with its annual subsidy of more than $115 million to the state’s welfare-laden coal industry, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear announced yesterday that his beleaguered state has signed a 25-year coal export agreement with India to maintain Kentucky’s role as one of the nation’s leaders in black lung disease, toxic water violations, irreversible strip mining ruin and entrenched poverty.

With an estimated 300 mountains and nearly 600,000 acres of hardwood forests irreversibly destroyed by mountaintop removal strip mining and more than 60 percent of the coal miner jobs lost to heavily mechanized operations, with less than 4 percent of any mountaintop removal reclamation operation resulting in verifiable post-mining economic productivity (excluding forestry and pasture), Kentucky’s new agreement with India ensures the future of the state’s coal country without any hope of economic diversification or recovery.

But that’s okay with Gov. Beshear. Yesterday’s announcement, of course, was not about the future of Kentucky, but the future of Kentucky’s coal industry.

ALSO....REMEMBER THE TOPIC I POSTED ABOUT THE CROW TRIBE SELLING LEASES FOR MILLIONS OF TONS OF COAL ON THEIR RESERVATION?? The money is all these people are thinking about! If we won't use the coal here then India and China certainly want it and they are willing to build a larger port to handle the ships needed to get it to them. It makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes when I think about all of this G R E E D and lack of concern for our children's inheritance, our water, air heck our MOUNTAINS are MISSING!!! The boreal forest in Canada will be one large toxic trailing pond the size of Florida for tar sands I could go on but you catch my drift right? 300 MOUNTAINS and 600,000 ACRES OF HARD WOOD FORESTS irreversibly destroyed by mountaintop removal strip mining!! <<this is just a small part of the price we pay to allow the fossil fuel industry continue business as usual.