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It's so good to see a good old American success story where someone starts with nothing and picks themselves up by the bootstraps and makes themselves a success. All you need is hard work and opportunity-if you are a failure you obviously haven't worked hard enough.

Oh. maybe it's easier to succeed if you start your football offense on the opponent's 1 yard line. Or maybe as the Walton's and Koch Bros can attest to-nothing like being the lucky sperm. And who needs experience or a college degree?

"Drag-racing heiress keeps In-N-Out on course

These are rare glimpses into the life of the elusive, intensely private In-N-Out Burger owner, a 30-year-old heiress who, after a series of family tragedies, inherited the burger empire far sooner than she ever imagined.

Torres always figured her future was with In-N-Out, but she never expected to take over at such a young age. Her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, founded the company in 1948. When Harry Snyder died in 1976, his son Rich Snyder, Torres' uncle, took over and ran the company until he was killed in 1993 in a Santa Ana plane crash. That put the company in the hands of Torres' father, Guy Snyder, but he died in 1999 of a prescription drug overdose. At that point, Esther Snyder took control until her death in 2006, leaving Torres, then 24 and with no college degree, as the only remaining heir.

Torres had a partial ownership stake at the time of her grandmother's death, and through a trust she gained 50 percent control when she turned 30 last year. She will become full owner at age 35.

Having grown up in the company, Torres had worked in a number of departments within In-N-Out, including human resources and merchandising, but she had little experience managing day-to-day operations. Initially, she was hands-off, but she has since taken on a larger role, becoming president in 2010."



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Well, she certainly won the

Well, she certainly won the sperm lottery. But holy moley, she's doing it all wrong. This is not what they teach in business school.

What's the problem with

What's the problem with In-N-Out's business?  I think they still sell a quality product at a good value.

Thankfully, they had

Thankfully, they had employees who knew how to turn out a good hamburger. Unfortnately, none of them won the  sperm lottery. They flip the burgers, someone else gets the automatic reward.

The biggest race in your life was the race to the egg. One winner. Millions of literally dead  losers.

Some get a chance to race for the wealthy egg. Most don't. Not much has changed since the age of kings and nobility...just the titles..

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chilidog wrote: What's the

chilidog wrote:

What's the problem with In-N-Out's business?  I think they still sell a quality product at a good value.

Well first of all, she's not using her leverage to depress workers' wages. She doesn't seem to understand that labor is a commodity. Instead she humanizes it rather than monetizing it. It's a clear lack of education.

I wonder, out of the 50

I wonder, out of the 50 richest in America-how many inherited much or all of their wealth? It's a paradox where libs have a problem with the advantage of inherited wealth for an individual and conservs have a problem with govt providing for an individual. Maybe libs view govt as a stand in for a rich family.