Why is the WH now resorting to threatning reporters?

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What are you afraid of Prez? Especially Woodward, the darling of the Nixon haters. Just more Chicago thug style politics.




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So you are ready to raise

So you are ready to raise taxes to pay for the carrier group deployment?

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Hell no.  In my world the

Hell no.  In my world the military budget could be cut in half.  Which means our taxes go down proportionately.

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Ugly truths exposing

Ugly truths exposing odictators lies and decptions are not to be tolerated. 


Geez Darline-you act like the

Geez Darline-you act like the newly arisen 5000 year old mummy who has just discovered that politics is like the old saying-You're not going to find any virgins in the whorehouse. Stop trying to find faults with politicians-it's too easy and doesn't advance any solutions. You should be screaming for campaign finance reform-with this much money now in politics, every politician is beholden to someone. Remember he is called President Obama-not St. Obama. Maybe politics are cleaner in Costa Rica.

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Maybe, but I doubt it. I have

Maybe, but I doubt it.

I have advocated for campaign finance reform (publicly funded national elections), making lobbying illegal, abolishing corporate personhood status, stopping the revolving door of corporate big wigs getting appointed to department secretaries or agency heads then back to corporate ceo or board member, make all politicians and bureaucrats have to abide by the same medical care system, the same retirement system (social security, medicare, obamadon'tcare) they concoct for the benefit of their corporste puppertmasters, and participate in thier phony corporate profiteering, interest protecting wars. In fact before we ever went to war, like Gen. Smedley Butler advocated, let the ones that are actually going to have to fight the war vote for or against it.

As I said on another thread, there needs to be sequestration of politicians and bureaucrats as well as funds.  Yet, moonbats think giveing a corrupt, fraudulent, wasteful government more money is going to solve the corrupt, frauding, wasteful problems. I say get the corruption, fraud and waste out of government BEFore we give them more money and power.

As to the topic of this thread--this is typical of the Chicago style politics obamy cut his teeth on while rubbing elbows with criminals.

RIGHT! And obamy is not the messiah some think he is nor is he the one to accomplish any of the above and risk stepping on the toes of his corporate money masters.