(YOUTUBE) The Fascist Plot To Overthrow FDR

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(YOUTUBE) The Fascist Plot To Overthrow FDR

11:09 "He (General Butler) resents the way that the Marine Corps is used to defend overseas investments such as his 1927 assignment in China, to protect facilities owned by the Standard Oil Company."

Prescott Bush was implicated in the plot against FDR.

I guess some things don't change in 80 years.

Of course Standard Oil today survives as ExxonMobil and Chevron. Standard Oil of Ohio was taken over by British Petroleum.

General Smedley Darlington Butler also wrote a book: "War Is A Racket", available on Amazon.


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Actually I've mentioned this

Actually I've mentioned this incident many times on this forum.  And a lot of the corporations of the day blew off Butler as being "a nut" while probably greasing the palms of a lot  of congress.

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Hi CaptBebops, Well everyone

Hi CaptBebops,

Well everyone should see the documentary, it has a lot of telling historical footage in it, including from FDR himself.

Well those 'privileged princes of these few economic dynasties' to quote FDR, have been reaching out for control of the country and the world again and again. JFK was murdered by them because he wouldn't goe for their war plans. Nelson Rockefeller even briefly became Vice President to Gerald Ford.

The Bush coup of 2000, 9/11 and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Tea Party/American Liberty League, both corporate sponsored, the stolen election of 2004, they all add up to an unrelenting attempt by the Rockefellers and the coterie of families below them to take over the goverment and set a policy that both strengthens their control abroad and diminished the middle classes at home and abroad.

From the documentary:

35:28 To this day, there is speculation that Franklin Roosevelt or someone in his inner circle of advisers, personally discouraged any follow-up to the investigation.

35:37 Michael J. Bennett: "It's difficult for us to remember, to think now how closely knit the leadership cadre if you will of this country was back in those days. They all knew eachother. They shared a common culture. They rode on the same trains together and engaged in long conversations. These were family fights. So if it was a family fight, you kept it in the drawing room and out of the hearing room."

36:06 Narrator: "When General Butler learned that key points of his testimony are omitted from the committee's report, he takes his case to the public. Radio station WCAU in Philidelphia gives him a forum.

36:17 General Smedley Butler: "Like most committees it has slaughtered the little, and allowed the big to escape. The big shots weren't even called to testify. Why wasn't Col. Grayson M.P. Murphy, New York broker, called? Why wasn't Al Smith called? And why wasn't General Douglas McArthur, chief of staff of the army called?"

36:38 Narrator: "A month after the report is sent to Congress, Geral M'Guire, the only witness who could have shed more light on the shadowy figures behind the plot, dies of natural causes, at the age of 37. During the next two years, the American Liberty League remains a thorn in the side of President Roosevelt.

37:02 Commentator: "Whatever fantasies the Liberty League might have had, the reality was that they tried to defeat Roosevelt in an election in 1936, they failed, and they went out of business. They didn't go shopping for another general in 1937.

37:17 As FDR gears up for re-election, the President doesn't hide his feelings about the men who allegedly plotted to turn him out of the White House.

37:25 FDR: "The privileged princes of these few economic dynasties, thirsting for power, reached out for control over government itself."

37:47 Michael Bernstein: "At the end of his first term, President Roosevelt was a man distressed. The economy, while it started to improve, is now showing signs of weakness again. And so we have him, at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in '36, making this famous statement about Economic Royalists. This is very much Roosevelt making a decision that he's either got to challenge them and hope that his constituency backs him up in this, or he's nowhere.

38:12 Narrator: "The country does back him up, and handing FDR and the Democratic Party a landslide victory and an even larger majority in Congress. Smedley Butler ironically, becomes one of Roosevelt's loudest critics.

38:24 General Smedley Butler: "The great mass of openminded Americans, who are not blindly bound by party allegiances, and whose votes really decide elections, again have come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party cannot run this country."

38:46 Narrator: "The issue however is not the President's economic policies. Butler challenges the President on whether Americans should fight on foreign soil."

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The video is very poor

The video is very poor quality.  And the History Channel has it on sale for $24.95 for DVD as well as BD version.  That's a bit much for a TV episode though I just checked the History Channel and they've reduced the price to $12.48.  Not available on Netflix streaming either.  Nor does History Channel make it available streaming.

I suspect someone doesn't want the public to see this documentary.  Similarly before 9/11 I saw an HBO movie called "Path to Paradise" about the 1993 bombing of the twin towers.  It's a narrative not a documentary and if I recall it recounts that the FBI let it happen (they had an informant).  Time-Warner is usually pretty tight assed about it's properties they haven't seemed to issue a takedown notice to YouTube because you can find a low grade copy there.   Similarly I also found the 1970s movie "Executive Action" there also one of their properties.   It proposes that the JFK assassination was a right wing plot with Burt Lancaster playing chief conspirator.


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From BBC Radio: (YOUTUBE)

From BBC Radio:

(YOUTUBE) Bush's Grandfather Led Nazi Coup Against White House in 1933