Andy Lopez of Santa Rosa, California. 13 Year old murdered in the streets by police + aftermath

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Hello Thom,

I would greatly appreciate if you could fit the story of Andy Lopez from Santa Rosa into an episode of The Big Picture as soon as possible.

I am deeply touched and concerned about the story, and even moreso about the greater trend indicated by this and many other stories of a similar national pattern of police violence and abuse of authority. Please help shed more light on this issue nationally, as I am very concerned for all young people, but especially in the immediate about the classmates and community members of Andy that are currently being persecuted for their peaceful actions in remembrance of their loved one.They are being targeted by local authorities in their communities for raising their voices against the injustice against their friend Andy in taking his life arbitrarily in cold blood. Violence and legal attacks are currently being used against those who are only exercising their Constitutional Rights to demonstrate for their murdered beloved. I am fearful because as a young adult who was raised in California, I have only seen corruption, violence, intimidation, and blood-curdling injustices against honest citizens by police and officials ever since I was a child. Obviously, it is hard for any good person, especially those below a very high personal income level, to trust police officers due to this. But more importantly, the likeness to Fascism and militarism against average citizens and children on a greater scale nationally is what is truly concerning.

I would appreciate some acknowledgement to the group of people who are now being threatened by authorities for fighting against injustices through peaceful activism in their own communities.

Thank you for your consideration,

Abby Balanda

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Jan. 14, 2014 9:16 pm


The 8000 symbols on the Remembrance Rug includes around 1000 symbols for Stateside deaths resulting from actions by OIF & OEF veterans. The Rug is for remembrance of loss - not judgment of how it came to pass.

I normally don't mention the symbols for these deaths until after their remembrance has been added to the Rug, but due to circumstances the work on the Rug has been put on hold for the past year.

The information for additions continues to accumulate and work on the Rug will resume once I am able to return home.

Andy Lopez's death meets my criteria for addition to the Rug, but given the current backlog it will likely be over a year before it gets added.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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