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Do you support plastic bag bans to help save the environment?

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Be sure to check out our new videos: CARBON & LAST HOURS
- both narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

NEED TO KNOW: It all started with Reagan... Marcy Wheeler, ExposeFacts

- Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research
- Tyler Harber, GOP Strategist

GREEN REPORT: What we can learn from California - Aaron Weil, Environment America

DAILY TAKE: Time for these guys to stop scaring the crap out of us...

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Latest From The Big Picture

YouTube Video57:59

Full Show 10/1/14: Reagan to Blame for NSA Spying?

Thom talks with Investigative Journalist Marcy Wheeler (aka @emptywheel) about the ACLU’s new report detailing how President Reagan authorized NSA spying via an executive order in 1981 and California’s banning of plastic bags with Environment America’s Aaron Weil. Tonight’s “Lone Liberal Rumble” discusses the latest school shootings, Rand Paul breaking from his party by wanting people to vote and whether we’re seeing the beginning of the end of ALEC. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses Radio Host Michael Savage’s fake hysteria over Ebola.


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Why the Web of Life is Dying...

Could you survive with just half of your organs? Think about it. What if you had just half your brain, one kidney, half of your heart, one lung, half a liver and only half of your skin? It would be pretty hard to survive right? Sure, you could survive losing just one kidney or half of your liver, but at some point, losing pieces from all of your organs would be too much and you would die.

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