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Be sure to check out our new videos: CARBON & LAST HOURS
- both narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Hour One: How & why was the White House security compromised? Fmr. Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, Candidate for Congress (R-MD, 6th District)

Hour Two: Beach blanket rumble...billionaire vs. beach goers - Paul Beard II, Pacific Legal Foundation

Hour Three: The American Dream Project - John Fugelsang

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Monday's TV Show

7:00 pm-8:00 pm eastern

Be sure to check out our new videos: CARBON & LAST HOURS
- both narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

NEED TO KNOW: Reasons Liberals Should Admire Reagan - Tommy Christopher, The Daily Banter

SCREWED: Wow! GOP Operative Threatens Brad Friedman - Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog

Plus, Total Ban on Abortion is Killing Women & Children - Marselha Gonçalves Margerin, Amnesty International

BEST OF THE REST: John Fugelsang on the American Dream Project - John Fugelsang

GREEN REPORT: How Forests Save Us From Climate Change - Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International

DAILY TAKE: Proof GOP is Committing Treason on Vacation

. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern

Latest From The Big Picture

YouTube Video57:59

Full Show 9/29/14: GOP Calls for Ground Troops in Syria

Thom discusses the GOP’s call for ground troops in Syria with “The Daily Banter’s” Tommy Christopher, the GOP’s continued war on voting with Brad Blog’s Brad Friedman and El Salvador’s ban on abortion with Amnesty International’s Marselha Gonçalves Margerin. In tonight's “Daily Take” Thom discusses whether the U.S. will ever not be engaged in war.


Thom's Blog

We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.

Just a little over a year ago during his speech at the National Defense University here in Washington, D.C., President Obama talked about winding down Bush’s War on Terror. But as American bombers continue to strike against ISIS in Iraq and now Syria, it now looks like the War on Terror will be with us for years to come. And that’s a really dangerous thing for our democracy.

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