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- How Do We Defeat the New Jim Crow?

- What the Hell Do You Have to Lose if Trump is Elected?

- The Movement Rebirth... (former) OH State Senator Nina Turner, Our Revolution

- As NY Gov Sells Out, it's All Out War on Nuclear Power... Harvey Wasserman, Solartopia

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- Bryan Pruitt, Red State
- Alex Lawson, Social Security Works
- Hughey Newsome,

BEST OF THE REST: Voting While Black- Jennifer Farmer, Advancement Project

PLUS, The Standing Rock Tribe Speaks Out - Tim Mentz, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

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YouTube Video12:41

Voter Suppression Is Real & Now We Have Mathematical Proof

Jennifer Farmer, Advancement Project joins Thom. It's not just voter suppression ID laws that are threatening to block minority voters from casting votes - it's the polling lines themselves. A new report from the Center for Political and Economic Studies used data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study to figure out which races of people have the longest average wait-times at polls. The report showed unsurprisingly that black voters aren't just being targeted with stringent voter ID laws that focus exclusively on the type of IDs that black Americans are less likely to have - they're waiting in line nearly twice as long as white voters at the polling places. But what factors are leading to such a disparity in terms of wait times at polling places?

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We Are All Pharma-Bro Suckers

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli became one of the most notorious people in America for hiking the price of a rarely used life-saving drug by 4,000 percent in September of 2015.

And nearly a year later, dozens of reports are now coming out about how Mylan Pharmaceuticals hiked the price of the very common life-saving EpiPen by over 450% since Mylan bought EpiPen in 2007.

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