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Be sure to check out our new videos: CARBON, LAST HOURS & GREEN WORLD RISING - narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Hour One: Is medical marijuana healing you?

Hour Two: What comes first...the chicken or the egg? Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter

Hour Three: Politics, energy and the fragile world economy - Stephen Cohen PhD, The Nation Magazine

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Should medical marijuana be legal in every state?

YES! And it will be legal everywhere before long.
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Be sure to check out our new videos: CARBON, LAST HOURS & GREEN WORLD RISING - narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

NEED TO KNOW: Cuba...are we waking up from the anti-communist hysteria?
Mavis Anderson, Latin America Working Group
- John Bradshaw, National Security Network

- Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research
- Patrick Hedger, American Encore

BEST OF THE REST: What does the huge historic marijuana victory mean? Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance

DAILY TAKE: A Warren Run Would Change Everything

. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern

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A Warren Run Would Change Everything

Over the past few weeks, Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a leader of progressives on Capitol Hill. She led the charge against the part of the CRomnibus that gutted our financial regulations, and she is still fighting the White House over its nomination of bankster Antonio Weiss as Undersecretary of Domestic Finance in the Treasury Department.

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