GOP leaders are decrying New York’s proposed Muslim-sponsored Park 51 Community Center (a.k.a. “The Ground Zero Mosque,” in fear-speak) as a “sensitivity” issue, grudgingly conceding the Constitutional right to build it but nonetheless opposing it because its location is offensive to some...

Meanwhile, they are either supporting or oddly silent about what Glenn Beck is up to this weekend.

Beck, the Fox talk show host, who accused our half-black president of being a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people,” will once again be leading his Beckerheads (like the ones who carried hateful and racist signs at his “9/12” demonstration last year) in a rally this Saturday—on the very site and 47th anniversary of the historic 1963 civil rights March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s inspiring “I Have a Dream” speech.

Typical of this hypocrisy is Sarah Palin, who likened the community center to a stab in the heart and called upon “Peaceful Muslims [to] refudiate [sic]” it yet is a key collaborator and featured speaker of the Beckerhead rally. She also recently defended talk radio’s “Dr. Laura,” who came under intense criticism for repeatedly using the “N” word on her show.

Sensitivity? Henry Rollins's got yer sensitivity right here!


Mosque v. March of the Beckerheads: Sensitive Is As Sensitive Does
Mosque v. March of the Beckerheads: Sensitive Is As Sensitive Does
Mosque v. March of the Beckerheads: Sensitive Is As Sensitive Does
Mosque v. March of the Beckerheads: Sensitive Is As Sensitive Does
Mosque v. March of the Beckerheads: Sensitive Is As Sensitive Does


david472's picture
david472 5 years 1 week ago

Recent polling indicates that a majority of Americans harbor a dim view of Moslem people and their Islamic religion.

Why is that?

Disregarding all the usual cherished arguments and venal motives held by most Americans, I think there is one salient reason, largely overlooked, yet perfectly justifiable, that places the onus squarely upon the Moslems themselves:

The "good" Moslems are, and have been, doing next-to-nothing to publicly disavow and purge their ranks of of the "bad" Moslems.

In fact, in many reported instances, the "good" guys take either a totally passive position, or they act secretly to aid and abet the "bad" guys... by giving them cover, or by actually funding their madrasses and training sites, both here and abroad.

Until they stop doing this, I think that the Americans' majority negative opinion of "all" Moslems is perfectly justified.

dhavid 5 years 1 week ago

Good muslim, bad muslim, good christian, bad christian, good witch, bad witch - this separation is kinda like Sarah Palin talking about Real americans. We are all americans. Each religion has it's extremes. Ever heard of snake handlers?

If I were a Muslim I would be very upset over Israel and her brutal and atrocious policies toward my fellow people. I would also hold the USA in a dim view for supporting Israel unconditionally and arming her with super-advanced weapons.

The real cause for the conflict is the unrepentant spirit of both Israel and the USA in light of the continued atrocities commited against the Muslim Palestinian people by the Israeli government.

12jkwilkes17's picture
12jkwilkes17 5 years 1 week ago

DAVID472...Suffering is suffering, respect is respect, the point is hypocrisy.

Beck, Palin et al promote a notion that only some people's sensibilities are worthy of consideration, and, obviously, in this case, "some people" don't include generations of African Americans who suffered exploitation, racism and brutality, yet, in stark contrast to what's going on with today's wingnut/teabaggers, sought to advance understanding, peace and equality for all. Given Beck's and Palin's statements and affiliations, it's abundantly clear which side their on.

12jkwilkes17's picture
12jkwilkes17 5 years 1 week ago


Glen Greenwald has just sent out an email directing people to his latest video, "Glen Beck is NOT Martin Luther King." To see video, info and to sign a pledge suppooring MLK's memory and legacy, go here:

Over 11,000 people have signed so far.

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