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NATO strike kills women and girls gathering firewood – Afghan officials

16 September, 2012, 15:18

"A NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan, local officials reported. The alliance said the strike targeted 45 armed insurgents but admitted some civilians may have been killed.

The women were gathering firewood when they were killed by the strike, spokesperson for the Laghman provincial government Sarhadi Zewak said. Several women were also injured during the NATO strike, he added.

Villagers brought the victims’ bodies to the local governor’s office on Sunday in the wake of the attack, amid cries of “Death to America!” said Zewak."


Alberto Ceras 3 years 41 weeks ago

Suppose these were Obama's wife and children? Yours? Your neighbors?

Were they feminists? Did they have social security? Maybe they wanted to legalize marijuana. Would they have voted for Obama or for Romney? No doubt they would have appreciated universal health care. Surely they wanted lower gas prices. Global warming, too, must have been right at the top of their concerns. Liberals all the way. Perhaps, unlike the Duchess of Cambridge who "doesn’t even have that nice of tits anyway" those dead young girls and women did in fact have nice of tits. Maybe one of you would like to examine the corpses? But these things we'll never know. They were, after all, Muslims, not real people.

You fools. You goddam bloody fools. Jeremiah Wright had it right. Goddam America.

What's that you say? Oh, yes. You're late for church. I almost forgot, How could I? You're a christian nation - brotherly love, do unto others...that sort of thing. Right?.

Alberto Ceras 3 years 40 weeks ago

Where have all the liberals gone? Thom? Are you there, Thom? Thom? And the others who blog here? Maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe there’s a sort of selective liberalism, a liberalism of convenience, a very personal liberalism. You know, the sort that doesn't offend one's friends, or neighbors, or co-workers.Or, especially, one's employer. It's so hard these days.

My good neighbor just dropped by and asked me to mention how distraught those young girls were to have such crowded classrooms (before Obama, in an exercise of his free will, killed them). Well, actually they weren't but surely they would have been had they ever had classrooms in the first place. All part of nature’s plan, wouldn't you think?

Democracy Now, Monday September 17th


"Eight civilians have been killed in a bombing by the U.S.-led NATO occupation force in Afghanistan. Local villagers say the victims were collecting firewood when they came under attack.

Villager: "Those killed are all women, the brutal Americans killed all women in their raid; they are not able to distinguish between sticks and guns. They (the women) were collecting wood, you infidels and brutal Americans couldn’t see the difference between piece of wood and a gun."

Seven people were also wounded. According to NATO figures, foreign troops have killed more than 200 civilians in Afghanistan so far this year."

Does it really matter? Obama or Romney the killing will just go on and on.

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