The complete corporate takeover of the U.S. Government!

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    Should all our progressive democratic efforts  fail to reverse the current,patent corporate matatasizing of our dem-republic government

 into total privatization of all public services(the "commons") and "entitlements",we,the people(human) will no longer be true citizens of the

"U.S.A.",but merely paying Corporate customers!...I will not owe my allegiance to this Corporate America,just  monthly bills. My  allegiance will instead belong to the national/international/transnational Corporation(s) That(Which) give me the best deal(s) on services/entitlements.

And I would always be looking for best deals,foreign or domestic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Milton Anthony,Ph.D.



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What disappears along with

What disappears along with good service is accountability to law.  Government must recognize the Constitution.  Private coporations do not have to.

An onerous example is public access television.  My local channel was turned into a non profit.  Shortly thereafter 30 hours of work making captures of my documentary about polluted air and water disappeared.  No one was accountable.