It struck me again yesterday that Republican leaders are oppsed to any major improvements in the lives of average Americans -- in such things as affordable health care, affordable educaiton, a cleaner environment, better roads, mass transit, protection from rapacious lending and investment compaies, tax fairness, etc., etc.

People like Grover and Boehner and Cantor are interested in dialing up to 11 the misery in American households, I believe, because they are convinced (I think) that the more miserable the American people are, the more likely they are to vote Democrats out (even though Dems are the ones with workable and prosocial solutions) and they are more likely to vote Republicans in (even though the Republicans are the ones keeping the average voter in pain and out of power).

Any reactions at all to these views?




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Calperson 3 years 19 weeks ago
Quote Caleb:

People like Grover and Boehner and Cantor are interested in dialing up to 11 the misery in American households....

Not just that, I heard they are now grinding the bones of the poor to make their bread!!

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Caleb 3 years 19 weeks ago

Changed your image, huh? I gotta find out where you get the little avatars.

But unfortunately my early statement is correct, I believe. Metaphorically, Republicans are with us in a lifeboat and they are willing to shoot holes in the bottom of the boat because they believe they aren't the ones who will be drowning.

The national Republican party has been against every advancement of common good that I know about -- e.g., reducing smoking, mass transit, environmental concerns, equitable taxes, avoiding concentrations of wealth and power, etc., etc.

I don't think that their opposition to such ideas is just bad luck or mere myopia. I think it's a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that groups of people actually can benefit by helping other groups of people without their necessarily being a monetary incentive involved. It really seems to be the case that if something helps the average person, then these present day Republicans are opposed to it. These current day Republicans are nothing like the Republicans my parents supported, like Eisenhower, Rockefeller.

The current national Republican leaders are interested in only one thing -- getting power so they can make more money and control more people. Case in point (as Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone would have said): the "voter ID laws." Clearly the national Republican party is lying when it says that there is a large problem with people voting illegally in elections. Happens rarely, and recently the most widely known people (like Mitt who falsely said he lived in his son's unfinished basement in Massachusetts so he could run for governor there, and Ann Coulter, who falsely gave the address of her realtor so she could vote) are Republicans themselves, who say they want to crack down on false voter registration.

Certainly voter ID laws -- advocated by Koch brother thugs and the rest of the ALEC jerks -- are intended to disenfranchise people who are likely to vote against their interests.

Or am I wrong? Please tell me what the heck Republicans are doing to help people?



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