Wake up and smell the coffee, people! Republicans are liars and charalatans about everything, including national health insurance. I remember the saying of William Kristol who said that congress could not let the Clintons pass health care in about 1995 because that meant that Republicans would lose a generation of voters/elections/controls.

Okay, so what about the people of the country actually benefitting from health care reform? Oh -- don't care about that, huh?

Something that has been clear for a very long time is that the Republicans have absolutely no legitimate program to offer in place of "Obama-care." And the New York magazine has documented that they have nothing to offer, in spite of their high-sounding language.

From: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2012/05/maybe-gop-will-just-repeal-obamacare.html

"One of the hard facts about public opinion during the health-care debate was that, while the public quickly soured on health-care reform, it remained quite sweet on the concept of health-care reform. This is why Republican opponents took care to insist at all times they only opposed the particulars of President Obama’s plan, and wanted instead to reform the system their way, with all the popular things and none of the unpopular stuff. Republicans declared they had a “moral imperative” to reform the system, robotically insisting their plan was not merely to repeal health-care reform but “repeal and replace.” As Jonathan Bernstein notes, just last January, Republicans in Congress promised to have their all-gain, no-pain alternative ready and raring to go for the summer so they could move if the Supreme Court overturned Obamacare.

"But, in a development that received almost no attention at all, Republicans quietly conceded last week that they aren’t going to replace Obamacare at all.

"Insisting they absolutely must replace it was necessary in order to make their totalistic opposition to health-care reform palatable. The political dynamics are such that you can loudly promise to craft an alternative a million times, and then quietly take back that promise in a small article published in The Hill."

Oh, my goodness! Republicans lying about something as important as health care? (Or even Global Warming, or the effectiveness of tax cuts to the richest Americans or the wonders of "free trade"?)

You bet! Every minute, every hour, every day -- because their minions think up ludicrous, dishonest and despicable things when the rest of us are asleep. Because if one can shoot their spokespeople a dollar a 100 dollars and get back 10 thousand in return -- they think, "Why not?" And the hell with the rest of the country!

So the Republicans do not have an alternative to Obama-care -- you bet that's true!




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Caleb 4 years 1 week ago

To better prove that the Republicans are lying, heartless, creeps -- with apologies to lying, heartless, creeps everywhere.

Bill Kristol at his most obvious (and most anit-American) in a letter to Bob Dole in the '90's: ". Bill Kristol sent Bob Dole a letter (http://www.americanprogressaction.org/issues/2008/1994health.html) saying, “I know you like health care and I know you want to compromise with Bill Clinton” — which he told me he would do – “but if you let him pass anything, Democrats will be a majority for a generation. You’ve got to beat it off.” [...]

What cynical, evil people! (But to get a better idea of their perspective see Thom's interview with Chris Mooney, author of "The Republican Brain," at: http://www.thomhartmann.com/bigpicture/conversations-wgreat-minds-chris-mooney-republican-brain-p1 )



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