The Romney campaign back peddling once again. This time it is due to a new ad that was put out by a Democratic Super Pac. The ad depicts a man who worked for a company that was shut down by Bain Capital. Upon losing his job, the man’s wife learned that she had cancer. Since his health insurance was tied to his employment, he lost his coverage with his job. His wife then passed away. The man says that he doesn’t know if Romney knows that this happens, but he also doesn’t believe that Romney cares that this happens. The Romney camp came back with an unusual rebuttal. One of Romney’s workers said that the man would have been able to keep his coverage, had he lived in Massachusetts, where Romneycare was passed when Willard was governor. While Romney was overseas last week, he made more errors than a drunken baseball player. Among them, while in Israel, was a speech where he praised the Israeli health care system because they spend less than half of what the US does on health care. What Romney didn’t mention was that Israel has socialized health care with an individual mandate. Are these signs that Romney actually supports ObamaCare? To all of the republicans out there, please pay attention to this man. Nobody knows what he stands for. He lies about the issues, he flip flops on everything that he talks about, and he refuses to release more than 2 years of his tax returns. When someone is so willing to appeal to anyone and everyone by selling themselves out, just to become President of the United States, you really have to ask what his true motives are. I am Eric Brant, host of Civil Discourse, because it’s essential for democracy.


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