I used to faithfully watch Thom Hartmann every day, until I noticed the thin egg-shell he was walking own when it comes to criticizing Israel over its attack on the Peace Flotilla.

Hartmann proved to be another fake liberal who sold his soul to the Zionists to promote his little liberal enterprise. On his TV show today, Thom was obviously nervous and seems to bite his lips and change the subject every time a caller uttered a criticism of Israel. When Thom offered an opinion of his own, he faithfully catered to the Israeli official line of propaganda.

Those of us who watch Hartmann show do so for a sole reason; to escape the Zionist-controlled corporate media. If Hartmann show becomes another Zionist propaganda outlet, then I will go back to watch Blitzer on CNN or Glen Beck on Fox.

Hartmann proved over time that he is another Israeli lackey in liberal costume.


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upperrnaz12348 6 years 4 weeks ago

Clear view,

You don't know what you are talkin' bout. The issues are more complicated than can ever imagine. I live here and I wish there was an honest Palestinian Arab leader who really cares about his body politic, and a peaceful political solution. Arafat was a corrupt as you can come--ask his wife who is living on the millions he set aside that was meant to improve the life of the Palestinian people. The current leadership isn't much better, but the money from the EU and other sources is less forthcoming, so . . .

My own fears is that some Israeli industrialists would be be ever so happy to see a neiighbor who can provide a reliable source of cheap labor, as Gaza remains. Yeah, dude, Palestinian "industrialists" produce consumer goods, made by workers who get wages you don't wanna know about, that cross the line and are sold in Israel.

There is a blockade, but it benefits the local industrialists in Gaza, as long as Palestinian Arabs in Gaza cannot cross and work in Israel. I hear that the Egyptians have opened their border to Palestinians of Gaza. It boggles me that Mubarak is gambling that Hamas ops "will not" get together with the Moslem Brotherhood. They are capable of upsetting the Egyptian applecart.

I suggest you pray that the Palestinian Arabs get a leader who is interested in promoting his people's interests. He don't have to love Israel, but if his real intentions are to build a nation that is enough for me. I can live with that, but until then . . .

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GreenMule 6 years 4 weeks ago

The difference is Thom Hartmann is not a pseudo-intellectual as in Wolf Blitzer, Glen Beck, and ole Rick Sanchez, a.k.a. Rick's List, and etc. You are clueless as to how brave one has to be to live for DemocracyNow and Free Speech TV. A coward would not come within a mile of their Badges of Courage. Amy Goodman, Juan and the team are the people who are beaten and arrested by Law Enforcement, and shot in the back by Hate Groups. They risk their lives -as does Thom Hartmann. These are Human Beings who carry themselves above the reactionary self-destructive tendencies of people like you, You're as the guy who goes to worship his God / Gods for decades and misses the point. Here is F-R-E-E Speech & Democracy . How dare you infiltrate with this grief without a major donation to the cause...

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