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NICHOLE123 2 years 42 weeks ago

*****THE REAL TRUTH***** Is anyone asking the important questions?? Was “John” Kristopher Larsgard simply on an innocent trip to Illinois with his mother? WHY WON’T THE NORWEIGEN GOVERNMENT GET INVOLVED?? …..HERE’S WHY…. Kris was on his way to a court case that my family was dragged into as he attempted to SUE my mother for allegedly “beating him up” BECAUSE HE WAS STALKING HER 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER (me!!). Mind you, I am now 26. So he has been SERIOUSLY milking this ALL WHILE CONTINUOUSLY STALKING ME. Long story short, I met Kris when he worked with my mother (when I was 13) at a fire station, and he wrote me emails saying he watched me sleep (and put covers over me) when I would stay at the station when my single mother had 24 hour shifts on the weekend.. We then moved to Illinois, where he followed us (and sent me numerous “gifts” and called profusely…he was seen walking his dog in front of my house….THEN when I was 19, I moved to California, WHERE HE FOLLOWED ME ONCE MORE, IN THE TOWN 5 MINUTES FROM MINE. He was in Winslow AZ because he was traveling from CA to IL, to be in the ridiculous court case, that my family and I had to spend hundreds of dollars to get to, where he never showed up. (We won by the way. $250,000 that we will NEVER see, for the emotional stress he has caused) THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST HUMILITING AND HORRIFYING ASPECT OF MY LIFE. My life has been forever altered due to the consistent behavior of Kris Larsgard. I am now obligated to look over my shoulder, INFORM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF WHERE THEY SHOULD SEARCH IF I EVER DISSAPEAR!!!!....and forever worry about my life in the future…god forbid when I have my own children and Kris is out of Jail for this stunt. It makes me sick to hear his sob story “I never meant to hurt anyone” well then he wouldn’t be continuously driving under the influence of pain killers (that clearly states you should not operate vehicles)…….and he would not continuously stalk girls (ps. I am not the first!!! Just ask him why he does not live in Norway anymore!!) …….NOT TO MENTION….HIS ORIGINAL LAWYER DROPPED HIM BECAUSE HE STATED “I BECAME A NURSE SO THAT I COULD WATCH PEOPLE DIE”. And you people made a “Free Kris” Facebook page. He should stay locked up for LIFE. He has severe mental issues and needs a lot of help. I COULD NOT BE MORE DISGUSTED.

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