For those who still looking under the sand for what ever reason, you better follow the money. You can easily call other people 'sheep', but who are the real sheep? By now you ought to have learned that the hoax of our political system and this fiat 'ones & zeros' money system is going to fail and collapse. is all about money. Money is all they care about and money is all they talk about. It used to be when GOLD was mentioned, it was fodder for comedy and riducule. But NOW, their tune is changing, and quite dramatically. It's all about the BIG RESET. Oh did I mention MASS ARRESTS? I wonder why Thom never mentions that the EUROZONE is deep trouble and does have an effect on the United States? All it takes is being aware and ending the distractions. Why be a dis-service?

NESARA: The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

Free Energy: TESLA.

Be one of the LIGHT!



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