Ever since I found The Thom Hartmann show on the radio (WCPT 820 AM) here in Chicago, I was instantly hooked.

Earnest, intelligent, sincere... also, a willingness to debate ON AIR with someone who has an opposing view. This greatly appealed to me. I also liked the idea of "Everything You Know Is Wrong". Which, by it's nature, implies humility. After all, making a mistake is the quickest way to learn something.

I have found The Thom Hartmann show to be only ONE of a few programs that will actually educate me. There is SO much garbage out there!

I enjoy the program very much.

I have told others about the program and about some of the books that Mr. Hartmann has written. I am glad that Mr. Hartmann is on the air in my neck of the woods (Chicago).

I sense a like minded willingness to learn when I listen to the program.

I also think that anyone who is interested in politics, philosophy, and knowledge will enjoy the program as much as I do.

I am very thankful that my radio picks up 820's signal and that I can learn something while I am driving.


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THISAA 3 years 16 weeks ago


Yours Truly,

Thom's Mom

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Caleb 3 years 16 weeks ago

Fletcher --

Me too! I have been an avid listener for many years, and find him and Louise and his crew to be totally above reproach. The very nicest of people and working on matters of greatest importance to the world.

Some very minor things I might kvetch about (perhaps a little about accupunture, but this is a tiny concern compared to the huge amount of truly original, truly important things he bring to us), but what the heck! I'm a Democrat! And I'm sure that even gentle Louise also finds a thing or two she might mildly disagree with.

There is absolutely no one like Thom and there should be many, many more like him! I would not disagree with him at all about 99,9% of the things he says, EXCEPT!!! I wish I had thought of them first!

Great insight you have regarding Thom! Good listening! And please continue to spread the word!



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Katshores 3 years 16 weeks ago

Its best to listen to all views and decide on your own from your own view should be. I feel you shouldnt accept ones view and say its yours. Not all people are the same.

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