UNBELIEVABLE!We've shredded the constitution and created a new 'branch of government' with unlimited power! You might say, the Speaker blew a major wad in the face of the "no boner crowd" with this Bill - And "wait til you's people" see which of "your" DemocRats we select for the "Special Congress"! What a hoot!

You can bet, we're gonna have 11 of the 12 of the schmucks on this new 'branch of government' looking out for our best interest. And they'll have the 'broad power' to do (or not do) anything they want! I know Eric and some of you wanted to hold out for more, and "we got your back", but with this new "Special Congress" it's gonna be so easy to take down the rest of the FDR crap. And if anyone tries to challenge the constitutionality of any of this, which we know (just like water boarding and listening to ALL your phone calls, and reading ALL of your Emails) is totally unconstitutional, you can bet our pals on the court will take care of it. We "really, really, really" (Medical Marijuana savior, Jennifer Alexander is right, if they need to say it three times it's because they're lying) owe a lot to our recent success to Chuck, Ron Diane, Hillary and the DLC crowd for helping us get John on the Court where he's been the 'Master of Disaster" for "you's people"! That's been a real hoot for us! But these DemocRats support "gay rights', and that's what's important, right? Just look who we added to the Court-

But I've been wondering, why do they call it "LGBT"? i mean, why isn't it just "GBT"? Aren't lesbians gay too? Most of the one's I know in Oregon are bi, so then, isn't "LGBT" redundant? And why do gay women have their own specific designation, but gay men don't? Isn't this sexist within the "GBT community"? Given that gay sex between women has always been glamorized in our society, and gay sex between men, until recently, has been extremely vilified, shouldn't the "GBT community" make every effort to not practice reverse-sexism by how it identifies itself? . The killing of matthew shepard and the recent number of attacks in Portland further document the disparity in how "gay men" are mistreated, as compared to "gay women". So given this well-documented practice of discrimination and the disparate impact on gay men, far, far more than what "gay women" endure, shouldn't the "GBT community" be even more inclined to not be sexist, especially in how it identifies itself? Just asking...

But the good news everyone is that there'll be no new taxes for us, I mean for "you's people". And the Card's gonna stay on, so everyone can stop worrying about grandma. You'll just need to buy cheaper beer and wine, and start rolling your own cigarettes, and start buying your food off the value menu- Well, there is that one problem around phase III you don't know about yet, and phase V is really just around the corner, but otherwise, everything's great, financially speaking. Phase IV is in place- So now, you "boners" can get back to football and your important video games and leave the serious government stuff to us-


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Calperson 4 years 43 weeks ago
Quote J. Edger:So now, you "boners" can get back to football and your important video games and leave the serious government stuff to us-

You're so right.why do these stupid tea bagging rednecks have the right the vote anyway? It's not like they even know what their best interest is.

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