It must be pretty obvious to those in the 'Occupy everything movement' that Fox has been a master at manipulating the "distracted, ignorant masses"! Through its "News", sports talk, and entertainment channel. Our friends at Fox have done a great job at lowering the standards of decency in terms of how "you's people" treat each other. But that's the plan. Like the sports talk morons who call everyone "retard" and publicly humiliates anyone who objects to our process of desensitizing "you's people" ("angry white cane guy")...and it works-

Like, the local community radio station was running a fund drive two Thursdays ago. And just before Amy Goodman comes on (talking all her human rights crap), one of our "Jesus People" -- Gordon, played a song called "We'll All Go to Heaven, When the Devil Goes BLIND!"! That's a hoot, and even better than the hateful, zombie lady at OPB's "Dead Wire", and her fixation on "Oedipus"- Maybe she should have kept her imperfect baby boy...than she wouldn't be so obsessed and hateful toward men who love their mother or who are physically disabled, but that's another story the Governor doesn't' want you to know-

Of course you'd never hear a song on the 'politically correct' radio around here, especially a "community radio station" that played a song like, "We'll All go to Heaven When the Devil Does BLACK!" Or how about, "We'll All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes GAY!" Not likely ladies! And that's the bargain we made with the she-devils on the left

And maybe that's the real hoot as we move toward phase VII- We can glamorize youth while we openly demean these "useless cripples" over the "public air waives" and nobody cares! It's like how this local GBT rights group -- Basic Rights Oregon, has worked behind the curtain with both the DemocRats and the RepubliCons to make sure that the "useless cripples", like James Chasse, are not given the same protections they enjoy under the Oregon Hate Crimes Law. Surely, you got to "see" the ironic humor in all of that!

And it's all part of our 'Eugenics Plan' for the world under phase VII. Get rid of any one who can't pull their weight. That's only fair under our version of capitalism.

In the mean while under phase IV "your president" has been doing a great job for 'US' by slowly lowering the FICA tax, which funds Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, so we can finally get rid of these "welfare" programs, as well as, food stamps and public education...

Yes, good things are happening. The media is mocking the 'Occupiers', demanding specifics (which we can rip to pieces)...and we've arranged so that winter's coming sooner than "you's people" thought-->

And, most importantly, as we create crisis, after crisis, nobody's talking about phase I or phase III any more. So enjoy the ?Super Bowl...until phase V-


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Vlperez 4 years 30 weeks ago

No one is forcing you to watch the right wing Fox. Change the channel. And watch the left wing MSNBC CNN ABC etc. they will tell you what you want to hear and agree with.

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