Where is the President on the debt and deflect he made under his watch? His plans to reform entitlements?Tax Reform? The 26 different job programs the Republicans have in the House but Senator Reed refuses to bring it out in the senate. Raise our standings with Standard and Poor? General Services Administration? Or is he simply going to blame Bush again?


Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 3 years 42 weeks ago

I don't suppose those 26 "jobs programs" that the GOP just can't get past that mean old Harry Reed might actually contain substantial tax breaks for "job creators" that would actually further deplete the revenue to the treasury and cause more debt, would they? Things aren't always as they seem Kat.

Katshores's picture
Katshores 3 years 42 weeks ago

Most of those programs had surport from both parties in the House. It seems when Harry Reed gets them they are lost and when Republicans and Democratics bring it up Senator Reed refuses to bring it out.

Bush_Wacker's picture
Bush_Wacker 3 years 42 weeks ago

I think he might be using the bathroom.

Katshores's picture
Katshores 3 years 42 weeks ago

mmmmmm that must tell me one part of our government smells really bad. Did you know if they dont do anything with with Bush tax cuts and Obama's increases come Jan. 1th tax will go up for a family $5200.00 more. Ouch!

Bush_Wacker's picture
Bush_Wacker 3 years 42 weeks ago

and did you know that the $5200 dollars is being implemented by the republicans? Not Obama? Did you know that Bush is the one who said the Bush tax cuts would expire in 2010? Ouch!!!!

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 3 years 41 weeks ago


Would this be one of those episodes Alberto was talking about? I just bumped Kat to the top of the list ..... ouch!

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