I have a friend in Chicagoland that told me about someone who visited a work camp in Williston N.D.

She said that they pay the workers well PLUS put up room and board and bring in entertainment / alcohol and women.

I googled it and found multiple job offerings for Welders.On several search engines. Jobs that would certianly be filled quickly but continue to show up on the internet, again&again.

My friend claims that it is the proof that the TARSANDS PIPELINE is going through.Please respond.

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Killer Sheep 1 year 4 weeks ago

I believe that terminology is being used against us.

As in the Patriot Act. As well as several other items / laws that are commonly passed against the will of the American peoples.All because they sound good! It is time for us to stand up and fight back within their own game.

we need to rename the Republican party, as it is by no means the CONSERVATIVE party.

They are not Conservative by any means.In my mind they may be RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST.

However your people may be able to come up with another title that works politically better than my choice, perhaps you could have a contest to re-name them? Allotting All of your books as a reward.(& then some) Because we need to change the wording. As thy have.

There are no conservatives in the Republican Party.

There are no conservatives in the Republican Party.

There are no conservatives in the Republican Party. jim

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