The Kochs, chemical engineers with Rock Island Oil & Re-fi at Duncan, are a line descended of a Dutch printer who became a Texas newspaper man. Ron Howard, film maker born in Duncan and descended of a film maker and actor, has been cast as Richie Cunningham, Opie, and Winthrop, or COW. The Golden Calf is the award of Dutch film makers, and Charlie Cowley warns his fellow salesmen about Harold Hill while riding the Rock Island railroad line.

The Balls, fruit jar and chemical magnates who in The Depression mysteriously acquired billions in Van Sweringen railroads for a song, were extensively alluded to as The X Family by a pair of brilliant sociologists in 1937.

Harold Hill in '12, in River City's town square, around the statue of town founder (cf foundry and foundation) Henry Madison, sings,

"There are 1,2,3,4,5,6 pockets in a pool table."

Using the Think System, we can figure 1+2+3+4+5+6= 21.

If we lay out a table of 7 x 3, or 3 x 7 squares and black out the corner and side pockets, there are 15 squares left on the surface of the table. There are 15 balls in a game of straight pool.

Now these pockets and squares anyone can see,
but what happens to the balls when they're sunk in the pockets
and the players keep playing till there's one man left?
He racks them in a wood triangle with a 1 and a 5 like horns for the first shot-
Oh we got trouble.

Corporations and fictitious entities are required by law to file identifying information with a state's Secretary of State if the entity will be banking there . Once its Articles are stamped received and filed, an entity is authorized to "do business in the state." Normally, that means opening a bank account. Not so normal would be for a corporation to be "domiciled" or "domestic" in a state where it does not do business at all, and even more abnormal would be if it were domiciled in one state and doing business as an unfiled entity in another state or land without a federal tax payer i.d.

So according to the Think System, doing business or not, domestic or foreign or offshore, everything seems to indicate that it is logical that IRS requires domestically incorporated entities to obtain a federal taxpayer i.d. to keep track of whose and what sort of assets may be entering and leaving the country, for purposes of law enforcement and home security. The taxpayer i.d. number is so important that it once was required information on the heading of the corporation forms established by the Indiana Secretary of State. The first Indiana Secretary to begin eliminating information required in corporation filings was Evan Bayh.

Each state in the United States adopted its own system for receiving, storing and accessing for public use corporation records as are required to be filed by law. Numbers assigned to documents, specimens and records are generally called "accession numbers." On corporation records, these are given different labels in different states, except in New York which has no accession numbers attached to its filings.


California: Entity Number
Colorado: Document Number
Florida: Document Number
Georgia: Control#
Indiana: Control Number
New York: uses no accession numbers for business entity filings
Nevada: Corporation File Number
Ohio: Name Charter/Registration Number
Oklahoma: Filing Number
Washington: UBI

Missouri employs the term "Charter Number" as do banks.

Likewise, some federal accession numbers are called

FDIC:Certificate Numbers
Comptroller: Certificates of Charter

When we die our SSN is entered into the SSDI.

"Oak Ridge was established in the early 1940s as a base for the Manhattan Project—the massive U.S. government operation that developed the atomic bomb." Wiki

Much as it hurts, we have to think a little bit like chemical engineers now, who understand electroNIC commerce, atoms, bond lengths, bond angles, and non-super-imposable mirror images such as 20070 and 07002.


A charter number of a Missouri entity in reverse may call up a NIC entity by its RSSID:

HOMEOWNERS LOAN CORP. Charter Number: F00472269 Creation Date: 7/23/1999 Dissolve Date: 9/24/2008 State of Business.: DE 600 West Main Jefferson City MO 65102


NIC's history of the FCU is

1979-12-31 OAK RIDGE GOVT EMPL FCU located at 112 ADMINISTRATION ROAD, OAK RIDGE, TN was established as a Federal Credit Union.
1986-01-22 OAK RIDGE GOVT EMPL FCU was renamed to OAK RIDGE GOVT FCU.



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