Until today, I had forgotten about our dog tags, issued in elementary school. I was in second grade when I received mine, though it was then 1959. But I was on the east coast of Florida, the Cuban Exodus was on, and in 1959 Zapata Oil was founded. So odd that the Bay of Pigs borders the Zapata Peninsula.

I found an article in 1951 when dog tags were first issued to 200,000 children in New York City.

"NEW YORK CHILDREN TO GET "DOG TAGS" NEW YORK, Oct. 13, (AP)— "Dog tags" will be issued to New York City school children starting next week. Complete with steel neck chains, the tags will be be given out first to some 200,000 second and third graders. Resembling those worn by members of the armed forces, the tags will contain children's names, addresses, birth dates, parents' names and a code number designating each child's school. The tag distribution, announced Thursday, is a precautionary identification measure in case of an atom bomb or other attack on the city." - THE EVENING CAPITAL, Annapolis, Md., October 13, 1951

I continue to write about the fragmentation of the Roosevelt intelligence community, commencing upon his death, before the bombs were dropped. Afterwards it was the War on Reds. McCarthy shut up writers and influential stars. This became a time of artistic encryption, for what had to escape the Censors, but would tell us the story in the future- the story of who are the perps and how they make us suffer still.

I was very excited the day I was given my dog tag, I remember, a little disappointed there were no special markings for medical allergies, which made your tag more important. But we didn't know the real purpose of the tags. How terrified were our parents and grandparents when they hung tags around our necks so officials could identify our burnt bodies if necessary!

Katherine let me wear mine a short time only. It was in bad taste, she declared, like shoes with no socks, nylon party dresses, and permanent waves and nail polish for little girls. My sister and I were allowed no jewelry except the rings we got at the dentist office, because as it was, they only lasted a day or two before breaking or losing a stone.

One other exception was a mustard seed in a tiny glass ball I was allowed to wear to church. It was given to me by Katherine's friend Pie Campbell. Pie was her real name, and Pie's sister's name was Tea. Imagine having your father name you after his favorite food and drink.

Though, the two of them may have fared worse today, possibly ending up as Buffalo Wings and Busch.



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