On 5/16/1969, my father, with the persona of the Burger King, Summit Bank (Chicago NBD), and Countrywide Home Loans all became instrumental in concealing the Kryder Estate, along with property and assets of the Florida East Coast Railroad, aka The Flagler System. As restaurant men, their use of National Bancard Corporation (First Data Merchant Services) as a credit card processor was apparently important to the higher operation of concealed funds in Florida used for development and leasing of concealed lands of the Flagler System.

It is difficult to say whether Daddy and "Uncle Edgie-Burger" knew to what extent and with what they became embroiled through The North American Company, Floridian Branch, though unfortunately my father did knowingly usurp the benefits of his ex-wife, Katherine Kryder, and hence from my sister, and from me, believing he would make better use with what he was offered in exchange for Katherine's inheritance, the value of which he had no real knowledge. .


In Fort Wayne Indiana, wicked cousin Maxfield was busy applying Kryder securities to the sale of North American Van Lines to Pepsico in a deal which included the Fort Wayne Bank Building, last known address of The Kryder Company, Inc., mortgaged to New York Life, but held by Pepsico for 25 years plus a day, til it was deeded back to Fort Wayne estate lawyers aka Wayne Partnership.

Myron Shevell and his trucks again rear their head a day prior to the formation of the MO BK real estate holding company (see G.H. Walker & Co. 27908 + Frank Kryder SSN):

5/14/1968 ASSOCIATED TRANSPORT, INC Entity ID 2A01105 Date 05/14/1968 Revocation 12/02/1976 C T CORPORATION SYSTEM 222 W WASHINGTON AVE MADISON WI , WI 53703 1976-12- 12/2/1976

5/15/1968 BURGER KING PROPERTIES, INC.Charter Number: F00129213 General Business Merged 5/15/1968

5/22/1968 BURGER KING OF MISSOURI, INC. Charter Number: 00129315 Status: Merged Entity Creation Date: 5/22/1968 State of Business.: MO

5/22/1968 2300214456 FORT WAYNE BANK BUILDING, INC. Registered Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 735 1ST NATIONAL BLDG. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (RA) Effective Date: 5/22/1968; incorporated in Indiana 1966


5/15/1969 "Burger King" Entity Name: UNIVERSAL RESTAURANTS, INC. Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity Type: GENERAL Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE (incorporated by BK front man, Edgerton)

5/15/1969 SUMMIT BANK: ONE SUMMIT SQUARE , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802: Status: Merged Creation : 05/15/1969 Inactive : 04/16/1993

5/15/1969 FAR WEST PROCESSING COMPANY Number: C0570042 Filed: 5/15/1969 Status: dissolved Address P. O. BOX 1832 FRESNO, CA 93717 see "Far West Mortgage of Colorado, Inc." not incoporated in Colorado, but incorporated in Indiana as a Colorado corporation c/o Evan Bayh Secretary of State




leighmf's picture
leighmf 4 years 4 weeks ago

While I was an innocent freckle-faced girl growing up barefoot in Florida, during our quality time, Daddy enjoyed beating me consistently at Monopoly, Chess, Tennis, & Hearts. He enjoyed it seriously and trumphantly, the price a daughter had to pay for the pleasure of his company. Though I, of everyone in town, seem to know the least about him, I am told he is also a world class Liar's Poker Player, something he has never tried to play with me. The game involves serial numbers on U.S. currency, and I think I would beat him at that. The one game he knows I can always win is Clue, and by the time I was 10 he wouldn't play it anymore.

How worse to have been his ex-wife, Katherine Kryder, my mother, who was declared a suicide 9/15/1972. Especially considering, as a review, that on the same day

9/15/1972 THE LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION Cuyahoga Ohio was born.

Though Katherine, his high school sweetheart, was Daddy's loyal subject for just 19 years altogether, I was 19 when she expired, and have had three times as many years to consider him and the role he played in my mother's demise as things played out in the future.

Starting his career in restaurant public relations, Daddy's dream was to own a well sited pub where one could get a great hamburger and onion rings, real milkshakes, and Bass Ale on Tap. An enthusiastic sales person he is, but it was Katherine's writing on fine dining which sophisticated his palatial ambitions and imagination, and a great plan went into the works, for something he had not a penny to break ground.

Every breakable in our house was broken as the marriage fell to pieces. There was violence between them while my sister and I hid under our covers. Katherine became stranger and despondent, no longer able to tolerate gourmet food and beverages. She threw up the most wretched concoction of escargot and greenery on the carpet of our new station wagon ("And all over Daddy's friend," she told me), a fragrance I shall never forget, and one not to be gotten out of the carpeting. We had to trade in.

Daddy did not form his closed restaurant holding corporation until after the divorce, from which Katherine emerged with just our house and barely enough to pay utilities, a mortgage, and buy food.

3/17/1966 RESCON INC Document Number 303080 FEI/EIN Number 591236547 Date Filed 03/17/1966 State FL DISSOLUTION 09/22/2000 - DADDY

3/17/1966 LINCOLN LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY INC Date Filed 03/17/1966 State FL DISSOLVED 06/10/1968

3/17/1966 NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Current Entity : INTERNATIONAL TRUCK AND ENGINE CORPORATION Initial DOS Filing Date: 03/17/1966 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: DELAWARE - Cousin Maxfield and B. Edward Ewing; Cousin Richard Bond, son of James.

3/17/1966 International Harvester Corporation Merged into International Harvester Company.


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ynotawoody 11 weeks 2 days ago

I am truly sorry for yous loss. Keep your head up, and never surrender.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 11 weeks 1 day ago


I am really glad you shared this with us, thank you.

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