I Believe in God by leighmf, on the hilarity of discussing religion and politics

I believe in God
lest the earth become too odd.
His corp holds my train of thought-
buy preferred stock, yes you ought.

God doesn't make a mess of things,
just arthropods with special stings.
You can't explain it anywise
from scorpions to biting flies-

They say the bedbugs in New York
are big enough for knife and fork.
What about this crazy weather?
Tyrants, insects rise together.

I am here because of God,
else I'd lay beneath the sod.
Plentiful each day I'd grieve
iffin God I di'n't believe.



anonymous green 3 years 30 weeks ago

Nobody will tell
Nobody knows
The clues that we left
Before the sieve of our last deconstruction
Were reduced to atoms already

Then destroyed

The closer we got
To the hole in space
Through which God breathes
The more futile any explanation became
We were reduced to atoms
Even these were sacrificed

How could we even attempt to warn you
And of course why

God is trying to kill you
But you completely misunderstand why

Every death feeds God
The devil whispers this
Into the ears of Pharaoh
And all hell breaks out

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 3 years 30 weeks ago

Very nice Leigh.

Perhaps futility is more appropriate than hilarity in describing typical discussions of religion and politics. However, the more levity that can be brought to either subject can never hurt.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 3 years 30 weeks ago

AG- that is a lot of fire and brimstone, but it is spooky enough to have potential with the young people.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 3 years 30 weeks ago

Thank you! You got it totally. Perhaps we should not get overwrought about things outside our control, but focus on whatever is within our sphere of influence positively.

anonymous green 3 years 30 weeks ago
Quote leighmf:

AG- that is a lot of fire and brimstone, but it is spooky enough to have potential with the young people.

And thank you, and of course, I don't really care about Camaros, or cars, and don't even own a car.

It is diffocault to wait for the pendulum to swing, and the hilarity of some of these posts shows the ignorance of being Ernest.

But it's nice to meet another poet.

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