Not sure if you have seen the story which I think was originally in Forbes about worlds happiest countries. Here is link--

It would seem like the US might look at this and learn something. In all these places people seem to trust their government, have a sense that the people of their country collectively care about one another, have nationalized healthcare, low violence and relatively high per capita income. And amazingly in one of these countries, Finland, they are doing what I consider cutting edge treatment of serious mental illness. Finland has had a National Schizophrenia Project since the 1980's and they have developed a method of treatment called Open Dialogue Treatment. I am a social worker with extensive experience working in mental health and am appalled that a little country like Finland is developing treatment which is highly effective bringing people suffering from various psychotic disorders back to a positive functional level and is not dependent on getting them on and keeping them on medication. Unfortunately in the USA since healthcare is all about everyone making a profit we will have to fight to have anyone even consider such a treatment method. It would be a threat to drug companies and psychiatrists income statements.


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Randy95023 5 years 2 weeks ago

Interesting! Thanks for the post. I heard recently that only about 4% of Americans even have a Passport. I don't know if that number is true but I know it must be close. I'd also bet that about 1/2 of those with passports are either businessmen or people with family in other countries. I'm 53 and have only traveled outside the USA a few times but most people I know have NEVER left the 48 contiguous states! When I ask people why they never traveled outside the country the typical response is defensive. People have often said "why should I? The USA has everything you could ever want or need and people try to come HERE and not the other way around..."

We Americans are xenophobic beyond belief. It goes beyond Nationalism though. It's more like we instinctively know how we are viewed by nations that have Medias NOT controlled by U.S. Corporations. We prefer to live in our safe, little cocoon and not confront any "icky foreigners"! Sad really. The world has so much to share and it seems that we are very reluctant to learn from others. Why don't we have Universal Healthcare? We could study the best dozen healthcare systems in the world and build one to suit us, but we would rather "re-invent the wheel". It's frustrating and hopefully the Internet will open the eyes of at least some of us that there is a whole wide world out there...

Peace, Randy

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