Here's a great resource to get your fix for occult pdfs and other esoterica books.

Geraldo Rivera did a feature back in the day on "Satanism in America". The devil and his consorts has his pull on the minds of the young and vulnerable. If the church isn't present in a youth's life, the power of the occult sweeps in and takes over. There have been police reports about finding cats and dogs killed and sacrificed in graveyards by troubled teens who were influenced to perform macabre rituals as part of an initiation rite into various occult groups.

I also think divorce and unstable family relationships can lead to this type of behaviour. When there's no strong father figure to lead and advise, youth turn to influences in the media and their environment: black metal music, shows and movies that glorify the bad life (Breaking Bad, Scarface, etc..). Many others turn to chemical gratification such as alcohol, drug abuse, sexual abuse. Ariel Castro is a perfect example of this.

Many children who have no strong guide in life get lured in by the power promises that the occult has. Some get into the hole so deep that there is no chance for salvation anyhow. You know those computer games, especially RPGs that have you build your own character and cast spells and kill villagers for no reason? Dungeons & Dragons, Oiuja boards and so on are just gateway devices that lead those who aren't strong of character into the devil's nest.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world the he doesn't exist. And I agree with that statement 100%. Just look at the famous examples over the years. Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor Lavey and so on. If we don't act now it'll be too late. To hell with freedom of speech. If we can't have freedom of influence we're all doomed!


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