The GOP "SPENDING CUTS" Plan begs the question: how will government function without acquiring sufficient tax revenue? On June 30, 2010, Grover G. Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, testified before the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. He outlined reasons why overspending is the cause of the present debt crisis - not tax cuts; and how spending cut could foster economic growth. Norquist insists that tax rates should never be raised; and he claims that "SPENDING CUTS" in all government functions will balance the tax cuts. Mr. Norquist is president of a powerful lobbying group that avocates for the likes of Koch Industries, tobacco companies and other mega-corporations!

Maybe it would be a good idea to cut some spending, until you see where Norquist wants to slash the bulk of his spending cuts from the budget. The fact Norquist is strong-arming support for his tax scheme that would defund the treasury; then he wants to take the function of government and turn it over to private corporations; clearly, this is anti-government schema that points to a Coup d'État!
Americans are live under a de facto plutocracy of the corporate machines. Wisconsin is serving as the prototype for USA/2.0; a newly reconstituted quasi-democratic state where government exists exclusively to execute decisions made by corporate interests.

The U.S. Supreme Citizens United ruling recognize that corporations can hold "personal" rights, especially the right to spend unlimited funding in political elections. Citizens United has radically extended the "personhood" concept with two new ideas: First, that corporations have the right of "free speech"; and second, that money is a form of speech; corporations now have the same as any American citizen. Regardless of the ruling, corporations are nonhuman enities that lack human qualities such as empathy, remorse and morality; these enities do not suffer from financial penalties because it's the shareholders that would pay; and a nonhuman enity cannot be convicted nor incarcerated for a crime. This is the new equality; only the corporate enity is more equal

Wisconsin's Republican government owes a deep debt of gratitude to its corporate benefactors. Those corporate interests, in turn, can thank the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling for giving them the ability to inject unlimited capital into an election. That decision was based on a radical expansion of a legal theory called "corporate personhood."

The excerpt below is from the site: "Grover Norquist Outlines Recommendations to the Obama Debt Commission"; his entire proposal is at the following link.

Ideas to Reduce Spending (ascending order)

15.Don't Bail Out the Post Office Pension Plan
14.Freeze discretionary spending at FY 2008 levels.
13.Stop using “emergency” spending loopholes to get around budget rules.
12.Leave defense cuts on the table.
11.Reform farm subsidies along the lines of the 1996 “Freedom to Farm” Act.
10.Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act.
9.Only hire one new federal employee for every two that retire from government employment.
8.Require all eligible federal employees to compete for their job with a private sector bidder.
7.Freeze the salary and benefit levels of federal employees.
6.Block grant education funding and welfare to the states.
5.Sitting Congressmen and Senators should not be able to name buildings or other monuments to themselves, and none should be named for them while they are still living.
4.Term limit appropriators.
3.Put every federal transaction and contract online in real time.
2.Give the public five days to read bills before a floor vote.
1.Resurrect the “Byrd Committee.”


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