obscene costs for medicine

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I take a shot for multiple sclerosis. This costs $5300 every month!!!! Thank goodness, it is covered by Medicare, although I still have to pay about $4000+ annually, but the cost has gone from under $2000 to $3500 to $4900 to $5300 in the space of 10 years. They can't claim the costs are because of research an development, as this shot is the same one I have had for a decade. The only thing that has changed in that time is that the company has been bought by 3 different companies, the latest one Bayer.  This upsets me every time I use this medication. 



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I don't know if your

I don't know if your medication is still under patent.  The patent laws allow the holder to have a monopoly on the product and thus can charge whatever they want. (Is this a great country, or what?)  Thanks to the Reagan administration, the patents for medications were extended to 12 years for most of them.  Also, according to Medicare part D rules, Medicare cannot negotiate prices for meds.  Since we all pay into Medicare, we are all being ripped off for your medicine.